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Online Courses

I believe we are all Intuitive and we are all meant to communicate with the other side. It's our birthright to access our sixth sense. The gift is to learn how develop it.

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Intuition You!

Intuition You is a great way to get started on your intuitive and/or mediumship journey!

Join for just $37.00 a month and receive access to over 60 of Carmel's online courses, inspirational messages and meditations!

You will also be invited to join a private facebook group where you can connect with like minded others on their journey.

But that's not all you will also receive access to one course each month that is not available in Intuition You!

We promise, it's fun, it affordable and it will be life changing! Take your learning to the next level! Join Intuition You today!

There are no contracts, you may cancel at anytime..even after just one month!

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The Witches Circle!

Carmel's Witches Circle in an online group for intuitive beings of all levels. Join this incredible circle for just $89.00 a month and receive access to Carmel's entire library of over 100 online courses and growing! You will also automatically receive access to any new courses added!

Join a private facebook group to connect with Carmel, her Team and like minded others on their journey. You will also be invited to join a monthly webinar with Carmel each month, often centered around the new or full moon. But that's not all you will also receive a weekly secret audio tip from Carmel only for those in the program!

Join Carmel's Witches Circle and enhance your intuitive skills, build on your mediumship and get in tune with nature, the elements and discover all your magickal gifts!

There are no contracts and you may cancel at anytime.. even after just one month!

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  1. Tamara- Team Baird

    To access your courses scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “my account”, then scroll down and you will see your courses. Just click on the course you would like to access, then click on the lesson to access it.

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