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Basic Witch School Level 4

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Join Carmel for level 4!

Remembering what you once knew…

I truly believe that if you have found yourself as a witch in this lifetime, it's because you have been a witch in a previous lifetime. It would be very smart of your soul to remember that there is an intuitive force within you and nature, that can be used to navigate your way through this lifetime.

There is an important method to the structure and training that Witches need and require in order to move through their experiences and journey of knowledge.

To achieve success their lessons must be hands on and actually in the thick of it.

That's exactly where I will take you! Into the thick of it!

The Basic Witch School series of online courses are different than any other program you may come across on the internet and it may be the only one that is in alignment with Mediumship and Psychic training. There is no automated system that governs this course. These are real lessons with real hands-on training.

Still life with open book, four-leaf clover, candles and dry flowers on witch table. Esoteric, wicca and occult background, fortune telling and divination ritual, mystic concept

5 Lessons!

  • Lesson 1: A Magickal State of Mind

    Put your mind where your magick is. The state of your mind is a game changer with magick.

  • Lesson 2: Power Words and Sigil Magick

    Learn how to use power words and mantras in your magick. Discover how to create your own Sigils and how to best use them in your rituals.

  • Lesson 3: The Green Witch.

    Using herbs, plants and natural items in your magick, magickal oils, mojo bags, spell jars and more!

  • Lesson 4: Creating your own Coven.

    What a coven is, what it isn’t, how to and how not to.

  • Lesson 5:The Witches perfect Familiar.

    More than a pet, more than a friend ..familiars are the witches closest confidant and asset to her magick. Learn all about them and what history has taught us.

  • Bonus PDF Download!

    Receive a PDF Download list of Carmel's herbs, their meanings, and how she uses them in her magick!

Each of these lessons will take you through another level of learning and understanding to help you strengthen and develop your abilities as a Healer, Witch, Psychic, Medium and all the titles we haven't thought of.

Historically the abilities of Witches were an occupation given to a desperate individual by a spirit (yes I said a Spirit, also known as a Guide) as an occupation to heal, sell charms and recover stolen items. Magick offered a great recourse against restrictive church institutions, oppressive landlords, and neglectful communities. For some women, often widows, magick was a job that kept them from starving.

Today for you, it can be a way to find a part of yourself that's been missing for a very, very long time. So, if you've ever desired to become a Witch and be able to accomplish all these magical deeds and countless more, while you change your life and that of people around you who need it, then you've made the right choice in continuing your learning with Basic Witch School Level 4!

Carmel The Witches Circle

Basic Witch School Level 4