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Spirit’s Inner Circle

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$89.00 / month and a $89.00 sign-up fee

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Carmel's Inner Circle!

Carmel Joy Baird is a world renowned Spiritual Medium, best-selling Hay House author and an incredible Mentor who has been connecting her clients with their loved ones on the other side for over a decade.

She lives on a breathtaking ranch just outside of Edmonton, Alberta Canada with her husband Dave, and two of her six children. Carmel is also the proud Nana to 6 grandchildren, living in a home that is always a place of laughter and entertainment. You never know what will happen when your Mom's a Medium!

During 2014 and 2015, Carmel, along with her family, filmed a reality T.V show called Mom's A Medium that first aired June 20th, 2014, on CMT Canada and has to date been aired in Canada, the United States, Europe and Australia.

How did she become a Medium?

Carmel suffered several years, decades, with panic and anxiety because she didn't understand that she was connecting with the other side. After a journey that she now calls her "healing journey", she discovered what was really happening to her. She now reads for clients all over the world and teaches others how to develop their intuitive gifts and begin a journey that will change their lives forever.

Spirit's Inner Circle is a limited monthly membership program with world renowned Spiritual Medium Carmel Joy Baird!

Carmel is no longer offering private readings but she knew she wanted to find a way to be able connect people with their loved ones on the other side.


Her Spirit's Inner Circle program is the perfect way to connect with your

Loved Ones



 To receive guidance on an ongoing basis.

Here is what your Membership Includes!


Begin your day or end your evening with One Universal Audio Reading per day.

This is a reading only for those who are in the Inner Circle. They are emailed each day to those who are members. Yes, this means you receive a universal reading every single day directly from Carmel or one of her special guests. Listen as she shuffles the cards and tells you what Spirit wants you to know that day!


Prizes are given away each month only to those who are members.

Every month Carmel will draw only from the Inner Circle names and draw out 2 prizes for those who are members of the club. You could win an event, courses or more readings, the sky's the limit!


Receive an audio reading each month from Carmel!

These are personal to you and specific to you and your loved ones, Guides, Angels, etc. This means no matter what… each month you are getting a personal audio reading with Carmel Joy Baird! Choose each month who you would like to connect with! A Guide, Angel or a specific loved one on the other side!


Ask Carmel any question!

Ask Carmel one question each month! Each month you will be able to ask Carmel one question you would like her to answer in your monthly personal audio reading. She will connect with your chosen Guide, Angel or Loved One to deliver you the answer! Direct monthly guidance each month!

Here is everything you need to know:

  • The cost of the program is $89.00 per month.

  • You will be charged for the first month and the last month when you sign up.

  • You may leave the membership at any time with a month notice there is no long term commitment holding you to this membership.

  • There are only a limited number of spots available in this program and when they are filled they are gone.

  • Your daily universal audio reading from Carmel or one of her special guests will be emailed to you at anytime throughout the day! Receive your guidance when you need it most!

  • Choose to connect with the guide, angel or loved one of your choice each month! Receive your personal mini audio reading at anytime between the first and the last day of the month! 

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Join Carmel's
Inner Circle today!

Sign up today and begin receiving your daily universal reading guidance from Carmel within 24 to 48 hours!


Spirit’s Inner Circle

$89.00 / month and a $89.00 sign-up fee