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Intuition You

A Whole New Experience!

World Renowned Spiritual Medium Unlocks All Her Lessons And Lets You In On The Secrets Of Developing Intuition And Mediumship

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Unlimited access to these trainings!

Did you know you have a built-in GPS system that can help navigate you through your entire life and guide you to be happy, content, successful, intuitive and above all filled with joy on a daily basis. Why aren’t you using it?

This monthly subscription gives you unlimited access to many of Carmel’s teachings for an unbelievable price that will help you learn to develop your internal GPS, your Intuition and so much more!

Carmel’s Intuition YOU gives you the power to craft your learning and growth to your individual needs.

We’ve all bought courses in our life that we think will be great, and then it turns out that it just wasn’t what we were looking for and we wish we’d bought something else. This subscription allows you the freedom of learning with one of the over 60 courses, meditations, and inspirational messages at your own pace!

The value is over $7000 (and keeps growing) for one small monthly fee!

As Seen On:

Dozens of Online Courses

Access to 60 courses and meditations in Intuition You and it keeps growing!

300+ Lessons

Over 300 different lessons to keep you busy for years!

100's of Hours of Videos & Audio

Hours of Lessons, videos, meditations, audios and messages from Carmel!


Just $37.00 a month!

1. Join in the learning!

Sign up for Intuition You

2. Unlock it all!

Instantly get full access to an amazing jam-packed library of Carmel's online courses

3. Find your own path

Design your own learning path, work at your own pace, whenever it works for you!

4. Instant access to future courses

You’ll have instant access to Carmel’s library of courses. Begin your learning journey right away!

5. Convenient

Access your courses, meditations and messages from anywhere!

6. Take it with you

Download any workbooks that come with your courses and keep them for life.

Learn and join a Tribe!

There is nothing like being in a Facebook Group with like-minded individuals who are all heading toward the same goals as you.

Unlock full access!

Instantly get access to this amazing jam-packed library with hundreds of hours of content, meditations and more!

Watch anytime!

You can retake your courses at any time! Access them from any computer or other devices!

That's Not All!

Access your courses anytime, anywhere, but ALSO get exclusive access to Carmel through a private Intuition You only Facebook group where she will be posting practice tips, book recommendations, and more only available to members of Intuition You.

All these courses and more are valued at over $7000 for only


If you LOVE to receive readings and guidance from your Guides, Angels, and loved ones, then Readings Club is the club for you! Get 10 readings sent to your inbox EVERY MONTH for only $37/month!


But when you sign up for Intuition You AND Readings club together, pay only $60/month!

**Limited time offer**

Current Intuition You Members: If you wish to upgrade your subscription to both Intuition You AND Reading Club, click below to upgrade.

Unlimited access
to dozens of online courses!

60 Courses Valued at Over $7000!

Imagine having full access to all the spiritual and intuitive knowledge you need for your personal and intuitive development, available 24/7, at your fingertips, all in one place, at the lowest price you’ll ever find. With over $7000-worth and hundreds of hours of content and growing, Intuition You is the place to be to not only connect with your own intuition, guides, and spirits but to feel empowered to continue on your journey. Whether that’s to develop a career as a psychic, medium, or intuitive healer, or to use your intuition better in your daily life. Having this knowledge and ability is your birthright. You deserve this!

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Private Facebook Group

When you first dive into the world of intuition, it may feel emotional. Anywhere from “so excited, I can hardly contain myself” to “oh my gosh what am I getting into?!”. If you’re reading this right now, trust that Spirit has brought you to the right place. Not only to develop the intuition you are already experiencing but to bring you to a community of like-minded individuals who understand more than anyone what it’s like to live as an empath or an intuitive. In this Facebook Group, you’ll create lifelong friendships with some of the most caring, heart-centered individuals who will be your biggest cheerleaders on your journey.

Exclusive Access to Carmel

Members of Intuition You receive exclusive access to Carmel in the private Facebook Group where Carmel and her approved Facilitators will be posting ongoing spiritual insight and guidance on your journey!

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52 Weeks of Inspirational Messages

with Carmel Joy Baird

In addition to exclusive access, lessons, you’ll also receive access to Carmel’s 52 Weeks of Inspirational Messages audio program for FREE!

Each week an audio from Carmel will be added to your weekly course that will bring you insight and guidance in your life. Listen as she shares her experiences and life lessons as she’s learning them!

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But That’s Not All! Receive…

These two Major Bonuses:

Sign up now Bonus #1:

Cure Electromagnetic Smog

Are you sick and no doctor has an explanation to why or how to fix it?

People with EMF [electromagnetic field] sensitivity are experiencing the effects of electromagnetic fields on undiagnosed infections in their body.

Find out 5 steps to how you can begin healing this today!

Sign up now Bonus #2:

Journaling to save your life

This audio lesson will teach you a whole new way to journal and provide you with the answers to all the questions that are already within you.

You may already be someone who journals but these unique and creative insights will bring a whole new meaning to journaling.

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Receive immediate access to Carmel’s library of online course after joining.

There are no minimum requirements or contracts and you may cancel at any time, even after just one month!

Lock in right now for just

$37.00 a month!

We guarantee your monthly subscription fee will never go up as long as you remain an active member!

Intuition You

From: $37.00 / month


For $1.23 per day, this spiritual program helps you work on yourself at your own pace.

Many of us are spending a few hundred dollars each month on new clothes, your hair, your nails, escaping reality with a trip to the movies…

For the low cost of less than the price of a coffee every day, you can work on yourself from the inside out!