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Carm's Favourite Things!

Welcome to my recommended products page!

I have featured the items I myself use in my own personal spiritual practice and the things that I found to be life-changing on my own journey. Each item has been tested, approved, and regularly used by me!.

Be sure to check out my youtube channel and tik tok for videos with my guidance and tips on how I use them in my own rituals! 

Scroll below to discover some amazing spiritual items you can order directly from Amazon.

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Butterfly Spirit Oracle Deck!

Now Available for Pre-Order!

Butterfly Spirit Oracle_Cards_Box Lid

Carmel's journey to mediumship began by giving card readings and psychic messages.

She began by reading anything and everything she could find about developing her intuition, giving readings, and learning to connect with the other side. She felt drawn to oracle cards and began to use them as a tool in her readings. She tried several decks until she found one that she really connected with. She started giving readings, at first, using the book to guide her way through the messages and give readings to as many people as she could. As she gained confidence, she noticed that more messages and deeper meanings than the ones written in the book were coming to her. She could feel the cards speaking to her with each reading and the messages began to flow through her easily. As she looked at her client and the cards, she instantly felt and knew what each card meant for them in their life.

Her abilities grew with each reading. Spirit began giving her more and more information. As her psychic abilities grew, her connection to Spirit and the other side developed and her mediumship grew too. The cards became an essential tool in each of her readings then, as they still are today.

As her mediumship grew, she began to write a book of basic signs and symbols that Spirits on the other side commonly used to communicate with her in her readings. As her collection of signs and symbols grew, she knew that she needed to create her own deck of oracle cards using many of these signs and symbols. In this way, she could share her knowledge of Spirit with others.

This deck works for everyone – from beginners to psychics and mediums who have been giving readings for years. The reader will find intuitive inspiration in each card.

As you take your own personal journey, Carmel encourages you to create your own relationship with each of the cards in the deck. Hold them, feel their energy, and discover what personal meaning each of them has for you.


Written by Carmel Joy Baird and illustrated by Scott Alexander King, this special deck of 60 oracle cards will quickly become your favourite deck!

Created with the intention of developing intuition and strengthening the connection to Spirit for those drawn to them, this deck features 60 beautifully illustrated cards and a comprehensive guidebook.

The Butterfly Spirit Oracle Cards are perfect for offering readings to friends, family and clients or for your own personal guidance and insight. 

Butterfly Spirit Oracle Deck

Click the button to pre-order now!

Bohemian Magick

By Veronica Varlow

Bohemian Magick

In Bohemian Magick, Veronica Varlow, the last daughter in a line of Bohemian witches, weaves together witchcraft knowledge and ancient secret spells with an exotic rock-and-roll magick style that has earned her a devoted following worldwide. This beguiling grimoire-style guide is filled with potent, never-before-revealed spells, hand-written rituals, magick ephemera, hand-drawn sigils, potions, charms, and rhyming incantations that will call your power back to you and electrify your life!

With more than 150 illustrations—drawings, photography, and vintage art—and text written in her own hand, this sumptuous companion is brimming with spells for everlasting confidence, radiant self-love, healing, manifesting your dreams, and love with a desired partner. Veronica calls upon the ancient and hidden Czech-Romani magic passed down to from her grandmother Helen’s lineage and infuses it with her own signature sorcery to help you awaken and amplify your truest self. Each spell that you cast, each potion that you brew, and each chant you speak into the universe will rouse the most powerful part of your being!

For each badass bewitching enchantment, Veronica explains its importance, the purpose of practice, and the necessary tools and preparation you’ll need to cast it correctly.

With Bohemian Magick, you’ll discover your adventurous side and your own unique magick. Get ready to rise up, call your power back to you, realize your purpose, and make your life story truly legendary!

Reclaim your magick! 

I have gone through every page of this book!

I love how simple and real Veronica is and how she incorporates her messages into this book.

If you are looking to create a little magick in your life, pick up this book, it's for everyone.  

Carmel, Xx ❤️

Order Bohemian Magick!

Grimoire Girl

By Hilarie Burton Morgan

grimoire girl book

Since childhood, Hilarie Burton Morgan has felt the call to record, keep, and catalogue life in all its strange wonder. It was a whimsical habit, with no clear goal. And then, when she became a mother, the importance of all that collecting snapped into focus.

In an effort to patchwork together an anthology of traditions, curiosity, and magical thinking that she could pass down, Burton Morgan realized she was crafting a grimoire.

In her most intimate book yet, Burton Morgan shares how she’s creating an inheritance of mischief and magic that will outlive her. What’s more, she shows readers how they too can look at the elements of their lives and collect the pieces into a tangible collection of a lifetime of learning. Because in its purest form, a grimoire was a guide to keep you alive.

Like the grimoires of old, full of life-saving wisdom, these pages record the people, places, ideas and habits that have kept Burton Morgan alive, in her signature voice that is at once honest, witty, and charming. Accompanied by whimsical two-color illustrations by Olivia Faust, the book also includes Simple Spells, which are ways to bring magic into your daily life: create an altar that delights and inspires, practice candle magic and poetry spells, make an oracle deck, or channel your inner kitchen witch with recipes and potions.

So begin creating your own inheritance, take a long look inward and decide...

What wisdom will be written on the pages of your Grimoire?

I love this book!

I laughed, I cried and I had so many 'aha' moments while reading it.

I highly recommend adding this book to your personal library.

Carmel, Xx ❤️

Order Grimoire Girl

More Items Coming Soon!

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Check back soon for more of Carmel's recommended spiritual products!