Private Readings


A Note from Carmel:

Due to the overwhelmingly enthusiastic response for readings, I am no longer able to add new clients and have had to close my waitlist. This is because my current waitlist is years long at the moment.

I am honoured and humbled to have a high volume of clients and while I wish I could read for everyone immediately, the fact is, I cannot energetically do more than a few readings per week. This is in order to honour my process and give each reading my full energy. Doing a reading feels like the “energetic equivalent” of running a 5K to me; it zaps my energy and I need some time to re-energize between readings. I have found that if I try to do too many readings back to back, I end up ill – and that would make the wait even longer – so your patience and understanding is truly appreciated!

I am excited to tell you though, that in order to reach a higher volume of people and offer those who have a credit with me a chance to experience something sooner ..I do workshops, audio readings, email readings, as well as webinar group gallery readings, psychic/spiritual development classes and speaking engagements throughout the country and even abroad (coming soon!).

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Here's what you can expect with your reading

  • Either a Mediumship reading or a Psychic Reading, or both! You choose!
  • You will be given a chance to ask your loved ones questions on the other side .
  • A look into your life, and what is coming, and what you can change. Carmel's intuition is so finely tuned, she now teaches students all over the world, how to develop their intuition.
  • Carmel will record your session so that you can review your reading later. The amount of information received can be overwhelming, and this way you can revisit your messages.
  • Carmel's ability to connect with your loved ones will help bring closure, comfort and above all inner peace.

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