Private Readings

Cost: Private Reading –  $500.00

Note: To add an additional person to your reading is $200.00

Readings are released periodically and you must join the wait list to be notified of new dates as they come available. Scroll down on this page to join.


Private Readings 

World renowned Spiritual Medium, Carmel Joy Baird, serves as an ambassador between worlds, relaying messages from those who have passed over, to their loved ones in the here and now.

She enables us to receive insight that can profoundly affect our lives. Her incredibly accurate and detailed readings have amazed clients and led Carmel to hosting her own reality t.v show on CMT Canada & OWN Canada. Carmel has had appearances on E-Talk, several news stations, along with several radio and news articles across Canada, and is a published author with Hay House Publishing.


For those who wish to have a reading with Carmel Baird, we have a limited amount of private sessions available. They are released monthly to those wishing to book a reading. The usual wait time for a reading after your spot is secured, is 18-24 months.

Private Sessions take place either at River Lane Ranch, which is located in Edmonton Alberta, or via the phone. Carmel does phone readings for clients all over the world and these readings are just as accurate and amazing as in person readings.

Each reading is recorded for you and you are provided with an MP3 audio of your reading via email.

Here's what you can expect with your reading

  • Either a Mediumship reading or a Psychic Reading, or both! You choose!
  • You will be given a chance to ask your loved ones questions on the other side .
  • A look into your life, and what is coming, and what you can change. Carmel's intuition is so finely tuned, she now teaches students all over the world, how to develop their intuition.
  • Carmel will record your session so that you can review your reading later. The amount of information received can be overwhelming, and this way you can revisit your messages.
  • Carmel's ability to connect with your loved ones will help bring closure, comfort and above all inner peace.
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There are several types of readings with Carmel that you can book and some that are available right away!

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