You never know what will happen when your Mom’s a Medium!

I live just outside of Edmonton, Alberta with my husband Dave, and two of our six children.

Yes, I said six! I am already a Nanna (I totally refused Grandma status) and our house is always a place of laughter and entertainment.

You never know what will happen when your Mom’s a Medium! Several quarter horses, miniature ponies, cats, chickens, and 8 dogs are also a part of the family!

I spend my days giving readings to clients all over the world, working in a strong online community, and building a business on love. We have also filmed a reality TV show called Mom’s A Medium that first aired on June 20th, 2014 on CMT Canada. Season Two was released in the Spring of 2015! Both seasons are now airing world-wide!

How did I become a Medium? Well… I suffered a long time in my life with panic and anxiety because I didn’t understand that I was connecting with the other side. After a journey that I call a “healing journey” I discovered what was really happening with me. I teach many others how to develop their intuitive gifts and begin a journey that will change their lives forever as I believe we are all psychic.

There’s lots to discover on this website and so many pages to explore. I hope you’ll take the time to go through it all and begin using your intuition today!

With love,