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Leap with Spirit!

February 27th to 29th!


Meet Carmel

She's Not Your Average Mom

Devoted wife and mother of 6, Carmel Joy Baird multitasks the many jobs of motherhood. However, she has a bit of a twist to her days - she is a highly sought after Spiritual Medium who gives readings to clients all over the world helping them connect with loved ones who have crossed over.

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Intuition You

Imagine having full access to all the spiritual and intuitive knowledge you need for your personal and intuitive development, available 24/7, at your fingertips, all in one place, for one low price of $37 a month!

Free Birthday Gift!

The Witches Circle

The Witches Circle - An Online School for Intuitive Beings is an online school with a monthly enrolment that will not only help you develop, learn, grow and expand your knowledge and gifts but it will also connect you with like-minded others who will are on a similar path and journey as you.

Features of The Month


Spirit's Inner Circle

Carmel's Inner Circle Monthly membership is the perfect way to receive ongoing guidance from your guides, angels and loved ones on the other side!

Limited Spots Now Available. 

Butterfly Spirit Oracle_Cards_Box Lid

Butterfly Spirit Oracle!

This deck features 60 beautifully illustrated cards and a comprehensive guidebook.The Butterfly Spirit Oracle Cards are perfect for offering readings to friends, family and clients or for your own personal guidance and insight. 

Now available for pre-order!

2024 Moons & Manifesting

2024 Moons & Manifesting

In this amazing new program, Carmel shares with you every new moon and full moon ritual and practice that she has for each moon through 2024. Enhance your well-being and deepen your spirituality in 2024 with the powerful energy of the Moon!


Certified Mediumship Training

Are you a Medium and just don't know it?

Whether you're an experienced medium or one that is just dipping their toes in the waters, this program will take you to new heights with your Mediumship abilities and your business!


Learn to communicate with Spirits

Connect directly with Guides, Angels and Spirits on the other side.


Like-Minded Others

Share your experiences with Spirit with like-minded others.


Become a Certified Medium!

So many benefits to being certified!