Ritual Practice



Carmel Joy Baird


Ritual practice is a complex and powerful healing modality.

I have created a series of lessons to broaden the conversation about ritual healing as a response to everything we have been and are continuing to shift through. We need Magick and rituals more now, than ever!

It’s time to get back to our roots and back to the rights and rituals we have had for centuries. We got so ahead of ourselves with technology that we lost some things along the way.

While much of ritual is intuitive, there are important foundational models and principles that determine how effective a healing ritual is for you.

You don’t have to be a Witch, a Medium or a Psychic to perform these rituals. Just being an intuitive human being is birthright enough to perform and engage them in your day to day life.

These teachings will deepen your knowledge and strengthen your skills for creating healing rituals for yourself and others.

I hope you find them useful.

With love, Carmel


Simple Spell Candles for Everyone!

Yes, they’re actually made with Magick!

If you’re sitting there wondering, “Wait, spell candles exist?” the answer is yes, they’re real, and they’ve been around for quite some time! Magic (also known as Magick) spell candles and ritual candles have been used throughout time to focus and direct intent while honouring and evoking the divine.

Candle magick is an ancient tradition with a long history. Using spell candles is more involved than just lighting them and letting them burn—you need to cleanse and charge them first and if you’re like me…you like to anoint, dress them up and amp it up even a few more notches!

Go big or go home I say!

Join me for this Spell Candle ritual where I’ll teach you how to take ANY candle that’s already made and set it with the intention, power and Magick to make it work with you and for you.

Go step by step with Carmel through several video lessons as she teaches you step by step exactly how to make your own candles with your own magick.

Are you…

  • Wondering how candles and magick really work?
  • Wanting to do something to really turn on the light in your life?
  • Wanting to draw money, love or happiness to you?
  • Wanting to do something to take charge of your life and the direction it’s going?
  • Wondering what you can do to achieve more goals and dreams?

Candle Rituals are game changers that can take you and your manifestations to the next level! This course is for beginners or the more advanced. You’ll learn, grow and find out just how simple it is to create not only beautiful candles, but to anoint them with the magick and intentions to change your life!

6 Video Lessons!

  • Welcome Lesson
    Carmel welcomes you to Candle Magick!
  • Lesson 1:
    Why Ritual Candles?
  • Lesson 2:
    All the Tools - Shopping List.
  • Lesson 3:
    Container Ritual Candle - Beautiful in a jar!
  • Lesson 4:
    Pillar Ritual Candles - Stunning and Magical.
  • Lesson 5:
    Mini Spell Candles - Herbs and Oils.
  • Bonus!
    PDF Download of some of Carmel's personal prayers!

6 Easy to follow steps!

Each step is done via video lesson with clear explanation

and an example to follow.


Receive a PDF download with some of Carmel’s favourite prayers!

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