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Back to Basics Online Course

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Back to  Basics

Online Course


I have been receiving the message from Spirit that we need to go back in order to go forward for several years now. 

Now is the time to get back to basics. 

The basics of you. 

Meditation, grounding, balance, manifesting, connecting with your Team on the other side and getting back to remembering who you truly are. 

If you are ready to get back to you, scroll below for all the details.

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Receive 5 Lessons!

Lesson 1:

Finding Your Spirit and remembering who you are.

Lesson 2:

The Importance of Meditation.

Lesson 3:

Simple Manifestations to draw to you what you want and need. 

Lesson 4:

Getting Grounded.

Lesson 5:

Receiving guidance and messages from your Team.


Experience 5 life-changing audio lessons and get back to the basics of who you truly are and remember who you were always meant to be!

Register now!

Cost : Just $49.00!

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Back to Basics Online Course