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Basic Witch School – Level 1


Basic Witch School
Level 1

You don't have to call yourself a witch or identify as one to know in your heart that you are one, were one, or likely could be one!

If you're reading this right now …there's a good chance that this course is right for you.

This is the first of 5 levels to be released that starts by exploring the very basics of Witches and their evolution throughout history. Magick has been practiced for centuries and is one of the oldest beliefs and faiths, yet even in these modern times so much mystery still seems to surround its philosophies and practices.

This course is not based on any religion but based on a set of beliefs and practices that many religions and faiths still hold true to this day. You will be very surprised with what you learn!

This one-of-a-kind course that will combine a mixture of audio lessons, video lessons, meditations and visualizations with the opportunity to see and experience first-hand many of the tools and rituals used by Carmel herself.

Work though the lessons and practice homework at your own pace, whenever you wish!

Carmel book

you will learn!

Lesson 1

Basic Overview of Witches.
Find out what is true and what is false. You're about to learn things that will blow your mind!

Lesson 2

The Rule of Three.
What is the rule of three and why is this so important to know first?

Lesson 3

The Meaning of Magic.
You'll be surprised to learn that Magic is happening all around you. So much so it's even in your kitchen sink!

Lesson 4

Symbols and terminologies. Understanding is key. There are so many symbols that hold meaning for witches and understanding and learning them will help in your own day to day life.

Lesson 5

The Elements. Air, Wind, Earth and Fire - How to use them and why.

Lesson 6

The Moon. A lesson that will not only change the way you see the moon, but give you the insight and knowledge to use the blessings and energy she provides to us.

Lesson 7

Magik and timing The days, the months and the times that can amp up your magick and your manifestations. Wait ..are those the same thing?

Lesson 8

Meditation for Witches.
A whole new level of meditation and calling in that will take your magick to another level.

Lesson 9

Mother Nature and her blessings.
So many overlook what is right outside their front door. What does Mother Nature have to offer you that could change your life forever.

Lesson 10

Make Your Own. Learn how to make your own candles, spells and more!

Still life with open book, four-leaf clover, candles and dry flowers on witch table. Esoteric, wicca and occult background, fortune telling and divination ritual, mystic concept

Basic Witch School Level 1

Receive 10 all ten lessons immediately
after purchase!

Just $149.00!

Are you looking for more? Join Carmel's Witches Circle!

The Witches Circle (2)

The Witches Circle is…

An online school with a monthly enrolment that will not only help you
develop, learn, grow and expand your knowledge and gifts but it will also connect
you with like-minded others who are on a similar path and journey as you.


What does the Witches Circle include?

full access to every online course

You will have full access to every online course that has ever been written and developed by Carmel Joy Baird including Basic Witch Level 1!(Please note: This excludes all programs and certification programs such as Certified Mediumship Training and Blue Seal Medium).

Facebook group

You will be invited to join a Private Facebook Group just for those in this program. Chat and talk with others who are on the same path and journey as you are. Share crystals, energy work, herbs, spells, etc. A place to feel surrounded and supported by those like you!

Up to date

You will receive access to all new CJB online courses as they are released. You'll never need to purchase any new courses when they come out as they will be automatically added to this program (Some restrictions may apply). 

Secret Audio Lesson

You will receive a Weekly Secret Audio Lesson by Carmel or one of her special guests. Listen weekly as you learn a special lesson that may range from what spell is best on Monday's to what herbs to sprinkle at the front door on Fridays … all the way to how to work with energy to enhance your readings and so, so, so much more.

Monthly webinar!

The value of this pays for itself with your membership. These webinars will often cycle around the time of the full moon or new moon. The heart of this school is about on-going learning towards all things intuitive. You are not just learning one thing, but so many things to help expand and grow your knowledge and skills. Sometimes your webinars will come with homework and with supply lists for what to bring to the webinar. Please be sure to watch your emails before each webinar. A special monthly audio lesson will be provided during the summer months when we take a break from live webinars.

Basic Witch School – Level 1