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Intuitive Animal Communication Online Course


Communicating with animals

It is something everyone can do
…including you!

You might be interested in this course because there have been times when you know that your animal is trying to tell you something and you would like to understand what that is.

Or perhaps you would like to find the underlying cause of a behavioural challenge that you are experiencing with your animal.

Or you may be interested in learning to communicate with animals so you can use this as a business.

Even if you want nothing more than to have a casual conversation with your animal friend, then this course is for you

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carmel animals

In this course, Carmel will teach you the tools you need to deepen your connection with your animal and develop a more conscious communication with them for yourself or others.

She will cover the concepts behind animal communication, what it is, how animals do it and what you will need to do to prepare yourself for this kind of communication. You will learn techniques for quieting your mind and protecting yourself, and the animal before connecting with them.

This course has 10 lessons that come via audio and/or video.

Who is this course for?

  • This course is for anyone who wishes to deepen their relationship with animals.

  • For animal lovers who want to be able to communicate with animals

  • For animal lovers who want to be able to communicate with animals

  • For people who wish they could have their animal's opinion about end-of-life decisions.

  • Shelter and rescue workers who would like to help the animals that you work with on a deeper level.

  • Professionals who work with animals including veterinarians, vet nurses, animal behaviourists, pet sitters, dog walkers and horse trainers who want to better understand the animals you work with.

Carmel and trigger

What You Will Receive


audio lessons

From Carmel


to communicate

with animals of your own and others


to speak

to animals who are living no matter their location!

"May 16, 2022 at 9_53_24 PM" from Simple Recorder by carmelbaird.

This program will have 4 levels in total…

Begin now with level 1!

Animals are masters at reading energy and they have a deep understanding of what is going on energetically around them. They have a natural ability to quickly adapt to any situation. They spend their lives observing and responding to the energy around them, picking up on the smallest details.

When we learn to communicate with them and engage in meaningful conversation with an animal it opens up a whole new world. They feel free that they finally get the chance to voice things as they see them and share their feelings and thoughts as they understand the world around them. Communicating with animals brings our connection to them to an incredible new level.

Intuitive Animal Communication Online Course