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Beyond Manifesting

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Carmel The Witches Circle

Go Beyond in Your Manifesting!

My personal guarantee….

I am going to share with you information in this course that you’ve likely not heard before because everyone wants to tell you how easy manifesting is and how amazing it is to create the life you want …but no one tells you how damaging and downright devastating things can go if you don’t manifest the right way with the most important rules.

This course is literally designed to help you un-F*#@k yourself! I know that sounds blunt and I apologize in advance for swearing, but I just don’t know any other way to convey how serious and damaging manifestations can be if they go wrong.

If you want to have the most amazing year ahead and no longer keep spinning your wheels or paying off karmic debt then this is the course for you!

Carmel xo

Who is this course for?

  • This course is for anyone that wants to manifest an incredible life and doesn’t want to hurt or harm others in the process which can leave you dealing with a ton of karmic debt.

  • This course if for anyone who is struggling to understand manifesting and how it’s done correctly.

  • This course is for those who may have bad or negative things happening to them right now and may not understand why.

  • This course is for people who feel like they manifested something, but it went horribly wrong in the end.

If you said yes to any of these...

Then this course is 100% for you!

Stay protected as you manifest and create the life you've always wanted.

See your manifestations through from start to finish and everything in between!

You are just steps away from your most incredible dreams. 

6 Lessons!

  • Audio Lesson 1: Oops I fu#*ed myself

    When karma comes around and you have no idea what you have actually created.

  • Audio Lesson 2: How do I Unf*ck Myself?

    Reversing your manifestation and changing your karma.

  • Audio Lesson 3: The Power of Three

    Three powerful rules in your manifesting.

  • Audio Lesson 4: The Biggest Secret.

    What every Master Manifester needs to know but no one tells you

  • Audio Lesson 5: Manifester Meditation.

    Guest Psychic Medium Melissa Joy Baird shares her most powerful meditation to date!

  • Bonus: Video Lesson!

    Carmel takes you step by step through her manifesting ritual. Extra bonus! Receive a PDF download template to use for your next ritual layout

Beyond Manifesting