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Master Class

From: $149.00 / month for 2 months


Live the life of a psychic, healer and/or medium

You've taken all three - Awaken Your Spirit, Extensive Mediumship, & Mediumship 101.

Now you want to pull all the pieces of the puzzle together and live the life of a psychic, healer and/or medium.

Master Class (Level 4) was designed with those in mind who wish to continue and receive diploma recognition. You will learn even more techniques to fine tune your abilities and to overcome challenges and rejoice in your triumphs as Mediums and as healers.

Free Birthday Gift!

Carmel teaches the old souls, to embrace their path!

This 8-week course is real, honest and in-depth. Watch Carmel every week, lesson by lesson, as she helps to create a profound change in the way you work and live life as a Medium.

After 10 years of readings, thousands of students all over the world, and a life that revolves around living 24/7 with Spirit, Carmel provides you with the final chapter: Master Class!

Carmel Talks About Master Class

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diploma of recognition in frame

Earn Your Diploma

When you've completed all 4 levels, you will receive a Diploma of Recognition!

Master Class Lesson Plan

Lesson 1
The Challenges You Will Face

Living life as a Spiritual Medium or healer. This ain't for the faint of heart.

Lesson 2
Energy Crisis

Challenging Health and Wellness issues and how to overcome them.

Lesson 3
Working With Law Enforcement

A different world, with specific rules. Fine tuning your messages and delivery.

Lesson 4
Advanced Mediumship

Step into the flow of energy and leave behind vague messages.

Lesson 5
Now You See Me, Now You Don't

Where did everybody go? Waking up to see who's really there and why some may leave.

Lesson 6
Stretching Beyond the Boundaries

Taking your readings to the next level!

Lesson 7
Getting By With a Little Help From Friends

Being out in public, bumping into clients, and communicating with Spirit on the fly.

Lesson 8
The Business Side of Things

Boundaries, social media, online ideas and more.

Everything you will receive here:

8 Video


Watch, listen, and learn as Carmel teaches you how to put everything you've learned together.



Download accompanying resources to help you on your learning journey. PDF's, audios, and more.



Join the private Facebook group where you can communicate and share with like-minded students.

  • A weekly video lesson from me for 8 weeks! Each video will contain your lesson & homework. You can download them, and access for a lifetime!

  • Guided meditations or prayers to use alongside your lessons.

  • You'll be part of an exclusive Facebook group that only those taking the course are a part of. Carmel will be in there posting and providing feedback and guidance and answering questions.

  • 3 questions for Carmel regarding your program. Carmel will reply via an audio recording.

  • LIFETIME ACCESS! You can retake this course, as often as you wish!

  • Receive a Diploma of Recognition stating that you have completed all four levels of psychic and mediumship training.

Order All 4 Courses Today!


 Now you can take Level 1, 2, 3 & 4 back to back, from the comfort of your home!

Master Class

From: $149.00 / month for 2 months