Carmel is Unlocking the Library!

For the first time EVER you will finally know what Carmel is seeing, hearing or experiencing when she gives each message to her clients!

Carmel's Personal Diary of Signs and Symbols!





Why did Carmel release something so personal and specific to her? This is a legacy of information she had planned to pass down only to her family.

The last few years Carmel has spent learning her own tough life lessons. Learning what is important and how she can help.



How she can help not only her family but the entire world! Learning why she is being called to teach the teachers and heal the healers.

Carmel has understood and continued to learn signs and symbols with the other side from the time she was a little girl. This is 40 plus years of Spirit communication in one personal diary …just for you!

Who can benefit from this Diary?

  • Someone who wants to become a Medium or Psychic.
  • Someone who wants to learn why and how Carmel receives the guidance she does from Spirit.
  • Someone who wants to develop a strong connection with their Team Spirit on the other side.
  • Someone who wants to gain more confidence and understand more about Spirit communication.
  • Someone who wants to strengthen and further develop as a Medium or Psychic.
  • Someone who wants to receive clear, specific messages from Spirit.

What’s included?

Welcome audio from Carmel!

A welcome from Carmel explaining what signs and symbols are.

Videos from Carmel!

Hours of video footage! Carmel will go over all of her personal diary of signs and symbols and even give examples of the exact reading she got the sign in for the first time. She reads from her personal dairy in each of these videos and shares all!

PDF Booklets!

PDF booklets with all the Signs and Symbols typed out so you can read and refer back to them when needed.

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