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About Carmel



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Unlocking the Library


Carmel book

Carmel's Personal Diary of Signs and Symbols.

Now, you can finally know exactly what I am seeing, hearing or experiencing when I give each message to my clients!

I am opening up my personal diary of signs and symbols to you!

I've spent well over a decade building my library and now I am sharing it all with you. Find out what personal signs Spirit gives me for dozens and dozens of messages.

Having this extensive knowledge will ensure Spirit knows just what message to give you exactly when you need, taking your readings to a new level. 

Carmel xo

What you will receive:

  • 8 Video/Audio lessons!

    Carmel opens her personal diary to share dozens and dozens of signs and symbols from Spirits. Messages from Spirit's of all types, people and animals too!

  • 6 PDF Booklets

    Receive 6 PDF booklets to download with Carmel's signs and their specific meanings. Download, print and keep forever!

  • Invaluable Knowledge and Insgiht

    Carmel has spent over a decade building her personal diary. Receiving an inside look into one of the world's best and most accurate mediums is priceless.

  • Take your readings to the next level.

    Increase the accuracy of your messages. Once you have taken the lessons you have locked this knowledge in with Spirit forever. No more vague or uncertain interpretations, your signs and symbols are locked in permanently.

The Library Today!

Take your readings to the next level, deepen your connection to Spirit, and lock in your signs and symbols forever!

No more uncertainty or doubt in your readings. Deliver your message with confidence and ease. 

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Unlocking the Library