It’s time to learn about
your team of Angels on the other side!

Working With Angels

We know that we are guided and protected by Guardian angels, and Archangels…but who are they?

Find out in this brand new video course!

Begin Working With Angels 

Did you know that Carmel is a certified Angel Practitioner? It was something she completed in her early development years, and is now offering an in depth series on how to connect with your Angels and other people’s Angels.

In your life it may be time to find out how these ego-less guardians are helping us on this side and what their roll is in our journey.

Why did you pick the Guardian Angel you have and what can they do to help guide us?

What Archangels should we call on and why?



This Series Will Cover:

What Angels are


What they look like


What do they do to help us and how


How we can connect with them and grow our relationship with them.


Who our specific guardian angels are, and how we can depend on them

 And So Much More!

Carmel will cover a wide spectrum of our Guardian and Archangel Angels,
their purposes, and our connection to them.

How they help guide and protect us & how to ask for direct guidance! 


Start building your relationships today!

Start really working with your Angel team
on the other side!

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