Remove Unwanted Drama And Negativity From Your Life Forever!


Many of us have been here. In a place where we feel others around us are full of negativity and the toxic energy of people, places and situations in your life is dragging you down. Carmel calls this..”The Tapping Of Chaos.” Whether you are bringing the tapping into your life knowingly or subconsciously it’s there and you can change it forever!

Negativity Knockout!

Do you feel any of these?

Carmel boxing negativity course

  • Stressed out and irritable
  • Frustrated with how people are treating you or others
  • Unfocused and at a loss
  • Sad or depressed
  • Have relationships that are draining or one sided
  • Lack sleep and concentration
  • Dread going to work and have lost your love for what you do.
  • Feel judged and/or betrayed by others
  • Have gossip and toxic rumours being spread about you.
  • Feel as though others are jealous and hurtful to you.

Hi there,

If any of these sound like something you may be struggling with in your life, it’s time to make a change and I can show you how.

Suffering in silence and tolerating a life like this isn’t living. It’s not a compromise you have to make. You can have a healthy, happy positive life where you can draw the energy and love of others who are supportive, kind, loving, non-judgmental and most of all… kind.

Whether this negativity is coming from a situation, a person, or even just something you’ve felt inside you for along time you can get your life back on track and change everything!

I know…I did it!

Carmel xo

About Carmel

Carmel Baird is a best-selling Hay House author who writes about her personal experiences with negativity and drama in her own life in herCarmel boxing (1) book “Truth Of Spirits”. She knows all too well what it feels like to have negativity and drama around her. She lived in the tapping of chaos for many years. Toxic people around you is not something anyone would consciously choose, but subconsciously she learned from Spirit, there was so much going on that she could change and she learned to protect herself and create a positive life within herself and with others around her that is not only full of love and light but one that gives that love and light to others as well.

Carmel not only understands how difficult it can be to have toxic negativity around you, but she knows how to break free from it!

Learning how to break free from the “Tapping Of Chaos”, as she calls it, changes everything! It’s time to plug back into the light and love in your life and break free from the chains of toxic people and situations in your life today!

Here’s What You’ll Learn during this 6 week course with Carmel:

  • How to break free from negative and toxic behaviour of others, including your own self sabotage if that’s happening.
  • How to change relationship patterns and draw positive people into your life.
  • How to find the joy in everything and decipher the lessons within the trauma.
  • Learn how to build a spiritual armour to help you deal with negative people or situations and how to keep that armour on even at the most difficult of times. Building the confidence to help you know you can handle anything that’s thrown at you.
  • Tools to decrease your stress and restore balance in your life.
  • Effective ways to bring more love and light into your own life and raise your happy vibration to attract only love and light.
  • Healthy coping mechanisms that make you feel empowered and fulfilled.
  • A new belief system and foundation that will give you the foundation to grow and build a fulfilling, happy, empowered life.

This 6 week course
 is going to give you the peace and joy in your life that you deserve. Taking back control of your life and driving your own ship to the destiny you want to arrive at, not only will empower you, but leave you free of all toxic energy and negative experiences from here on out!


You don’t have to live like this anymore… there is a better way!








Here’s what you’ll learn:



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