Interested in becoming a CJB Facilitator in your region for 2019? 

Applications are now being accepted for regions around the globe. Click the link for more information and to submit an application for your region!

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I am so happy to introduce you to my Licensed CJB Facilitators for 2019! You can now sign up to take my Level I Awaken Your Spirit, Level II Extensive Mediumship and Level III Mediumship 101 courses in person with a CJB Facilitator in your local area. Your Facilitator has been approved and taught by me to teach my courses. They are ready to pass on all the knowledge of how to tap into your intuition and being to learn to receive messages from the other side. See the listings below to sign up for a course in your area!

Can’t find a Facilitator in your area? You can also apply to be a Facilitator at the top of the page. It’s an exciting time in the world as we are spreading good energy across the globe!

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