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Carmel Joy Baird is seeking students who wish to become teachers of her courses and classes in their area! Are you interested in teaching others the same way Carmel taught you and with the help of Carmel Joy Baird?!

Are you interested in teaching others and making an impact on the world we live in?

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Carmel Joy Baird has taught students all over the world! She began her CJB Certfied Facilitator program in 2017 and for the last year, her CJB Certified Facilitators have been teaching her courses all over the world! She is now looking for students who wish to partner with her to teach and facilitate her very own programs in select districts. Carmel knows that it’s important that each course that is taught not only works for you but also works for your students. Her Certified Facilitators are given clear communication, grounded principles, and learn from her years of in-depth knowledge on her journey of working with Spirit daily.

Carmel helps her facilitators achieve an extensive understanding of the courses themselves along with discovering how to use unique and authentic teaching methods. Carmel’s courses have already proven that you can take your abilities to the next level as Medium or psychic, but now you also have a chance to carry her brand with your business and form a partnership that can last a lifetime!


What better way to start your own career than with teaching materials and training programs that have already proven themselves and have helped thousands of people across the globe! With all the hard work done, you can just step in and start your teaching business right away!

Carmel’s courses are in high demand in the metaphysical and spiritual field, although it’s just not possible for her to physically be everywhere to teach them all, so instead you can now become a certified facilitator and work directly with Carmel Joy Baird in your area!  Help Carmel share her beliefs and knowledge and change the way people see the world forever! Creating one healer at a time!

How Does it All Work?

Here are the steps:

Step 1:

You must apply to be a facilitator for your area and be approved. There are limited spots for each region around the globe. These locations are secured for 12-month licensing period at a time!

Step 2:

Prior to your Facilitator Training, you must take Carmel’s Level 1,2 and 3 Courses. You may take these programs either online or in person with Carmel or a licensed CJB Facilitator.

Step 3:

You will join the extensive training webinar that teaches you how to facilitate your courses and for Carmel Joy Baird specifically.

Step 4:

Choose your class dates! You have the full year to teach as many courses, and as often as you wish!

Step 5:

We understand that each region may have a different economy. We have set a minimum and maximum you can teach your classes for and it’s all the same for each facilitator! Students pay for their courses and programs directly to you! All the income you bring in is yours!

What Will You Get?

  • When you are approved, you will be purchasing your license to teach in a specific district region and will be able to teach anywhere within your region!
  • You will be advertised on the Carmel Joy Baird website as a facilitator with your email address and region you are licensed. ADVERTISING GALORE!
  • Each class you hold will be advertised on Carmel’s website! We’ll let your students know when and where you are teaching!
  • You will join a private Facebook group for facilitators only! Connect with others as well as Carmel and Melissa!
  • Email Melissa Joy Baird your facilitator co-ordinator and lead manager at anytime with questions about your program, advice, help etc
  • Carmel Joy Baird will mail you a starter pack. (50 business cards, Teacher's manual, welcome letter from Carmel & a Dropbox folder full of printable materials/logo’s/student manuals etc. to get you started.
  • Receive your own personal coupon code for 10% off products and courses on the Carmel Joy Baird website..anytime you want to shop or buy you receive 10% off your purchase!
  • Join a monthly webinar for Facilitators! (all dates are pre-scheduled for the year so you can plan around them)
  • Bonus! Start your own Psychic Development Classes! You’ll receive a video lesson from Carmel and Melissa teaching you how to begin and teach a drop in Psychic Development program in your area!
  • Added Bonus! We will also send you 20 Psychic Development class outlines to help you know what to teach your students!

What's My Return on Investment?



There is a minimum and a maximum that you can charge for each of the courses. We lay that out for you in your welcome package! However, with booking just 2- 3 students at your first class, you can have your 12 month facilitator fee paid in full!

Everything after that is your profit!

If you want to be a teacher that can make a difference in the lives of others and even in your own life, then this training is for you!

The Most Amazing Perks!

Carmel Joy Baird’s stamp of approval

Advertising on-going on her website that gets viewed from ten’s of thousands of people!

Be licensed for your region and teach anywhere within your designated region! 

Proven courses already written and perfected to work and give your students immediate results!

A proven business model that can start a teaching career for you right away!

One of the highest returns on investment ever! You only need to teach one class and it’s paid for!

Support from a team that knows what you need, because they’ve done it over and over again successfully!

As a current Facilitator in your region, you have first right of refusal for your region the following 12 months.

Added Bonus!

Direct support from Melissa Joy Baird!




Melissa is Carmel’s oldest daughter and has been teaching alongside Carmel for several years.  Teaching is her passion and she is excited to be joining the CJB Facilitator Team as the Facilitator Co-ordinator and Lead Manager for 2019!  

Melissa will be available to you in the Private CJB Facilitator facebook group to answer any questions about teaching, advertising, promoting and planning your courses!


Melissa will also be hosting monthly private webinars for CJB Facilitators!  Connect with her directly, ask questions and gain valuable feedback. 

But that’s not all…

Level 3 Mediumship 101!

Your 2019 Facilitator license includes all 3 levels!

12 months of teaching in your Region!


You will be licensed to teach Carmel’s Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Courses!

All three levels for one facilitator fee!


Learn in person with Carmel and Melissa!

Join Carmel and Melissa on this Friday, November 2, 2018 in the evening for a 2019 CJB Facilitator in person Meet and Greet!


Attend Mediumship 101 & Masterclass in person at River Lane Ranch this November 3rd & 4th for FREE!

 Additional Training Included with your Facilitator Fee!

School of Spirit Business Training!

School of Spirit includes interactive videos teaching creative, intuitive, spiritually guided business owners strategies to have a more successful, established business with a stronger online presence. Carmel made several mistakes with her business in the beginning but she also made some huge wins! In this training, she teaches you all of the dos and don’ts, ins, and outs of creating a successful spiritually-minded business to help you heal the world with thousands of students at a time!

A $999.00 Value for free!

 Add on bonus!


Carmel is now offerering her WOW Package of mini-courses for Facilitators to teach in addition to their level 1,2 & 3 courses. This gives facilitators a chance to have more classes and courses to offer to their students! These are only being offered for a limited time to our 2019 licensed CJB Facilitators!

You can have 10 additional courses that have been written by Carmel Baird and previously only available online…you can now teach them in person for the first time in your area! You can charge whatever you like and format these courses anyway that works for you! 

For a very limited time, these courses are available for only $499.00 for all 10 courses!

That’s 50.00 per course that’s already been written for you and ready for you to teach! 

Courses included in the WOW Package are:

Course 1 – A Healthy Way To Grieve

Course 2- Chakra Health and Healing

Course 3- Healing with Crystals

Course 4- Inside Heaven

Course 5- Past Lives, Present Lessons

Course 6 – Signs & Symbols

Course 7 – Working with Angels

Course 8 – The Truth Part 1 –  Discover Who You Really Are!

Course 9 – The Truth  Part 2 – Unlocking Your Life

Course 10 – The Ultimate Clearing

The WOW Package is a one time purchase! Teach these courses over and over each year as long as you are remain a Licensed CJB Facilitator! 

What's My Investment?

Level 1, 2 & 3

Facilitator License for:

Awaken Your Spirit, Extensive Mediumship and Mediumship 101


Optional Add on

Facilitator License for:

WOW Package of 10 of Carmel’s Mini Courses

$499.00- Valid as long as you are a licensed CJB Facilitator

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