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The Witches Room

Welcome to the Witches Room!



A note from Carmel: 

I suppose I’ve always known there was a witch inside me, and if I’m being completely honest with you, I believe there is a witch inside of us all.

The definition of a witch is not what you will find in the Webster’s Dictionary. We don’t have flying brooms, worship the devil, or run around naked in the moonlight. (Or at least, I don’t)

However, in this day and age it won’t shock you to learn that the wool has been pulled over our eyes for so many years, about so many things… and Witches are just one of the many.

The Witches Room has been a dream and a vision for a very long time. A space where I can create, imagine, explore, connect, and dream the biggest dreams and create the most amazing products with the help of Spirit, energy, and magick.

You’ll know when there is something special coming because the Witches Room page will be open and you will get to have a peek inside and see if there is something you’d like to bring into your space and into your world.

So welcome to my Witches Room.

From spells, mini readings, courses and more …I hope you’ll find the healing and blessings that will change your life evermore.

Love, Carmel xo

The Witches Room is temporarily closed.

Check back soon for the next time the room is open!