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Spiritual First Aid Kit


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How many times have you been going through your life and everything seems fine and then all of sudden WHAM, you’re suddenly smack dab in the middle of a huge crisis that you had no idea was coming? Let me give you some examples of just a few of mine I’ve been hit with:

  • Found out my spouse was cheating
  • Found out I was pregnant while taking birth control!
  • Found out that I was being laid off from my job.
  • Found out my spouse was in a serious accident and in hospital
  • Found out a friend was talking behind my back
  • My dog got sick and had to be put down.
  • My soul mate horse suddenly dies for no apparent reason.
  • Teen daughter tells me she’s pregnant
  • Found out I have MS and it’s not the flu!
  • Found out my son wants to quit his $30.00 an hour job and backpack the country.
  • Found out my loved one has passed suddenly
  • Found out my immediate family member was terminally ill
  • Found out I had a half-sister I knew nothing about.
  • Started having major panic attacks.
  • Spouse got life-threateningly sick
  • Daughter had a stroke at 8yrs old and almost lost her.

Lost was the best word to describe me…

When these things happened, I was completely knocked off my feet.  I had NO idea what to do, or who to turn to. I was immediately tossing and turning around in one of life’s tsunamis. I immediately went on autopilot. My EGO, which stands for “Edging God Out”, went into overdrive! Even with all the Spiritual things I know, I still slipped into the abyss of pain and confusion.

I forgot 100% of everything I know and learned about life lessons, spirit and the divine power of the universe. I was in such pain, chaos and heartache. I was smack-dab in the middle of a HUGE crisis and just taking one breath after another. At that point, it felt like it was impossible or too much work to even breathe.

On some occasions, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to be here, let alone get through it. I was not prepared and had no idea what to do or how I would get through what God was throwing at me this time.

This is what I have spent the last 3 years of my life learning. This program is what Spirit was preparing me for. What I could give to the world next: A way out.

Easy to follow exercises and practical lessons!

Guidance at your fingertips, exactly when you need it!

Unlimited access for life!

I want to help you!


You may be reading this right now and think: “I’m good. I don’t have anything really that bad going on.”

That’s amazing! I am so happy for you!

But this Spiritual First Aid kit isn’t meant for those times. It’s meant for the times when you have an emergency and you’ve been hurt to the core, winded with the pain of something unexpected, and can feel the pain of the situation taking you off course and you are losing your way.

It’s like being hit by a wave in the ocean so big and so huge you are just struggling to get up on top of it.

This amazing kit is for times and moments in your life. In fact, you are not even allowed to open this kit until you need it! Consider this kit like the fire extinguisher behind the glass. Do NOT break glass, only in case of emergency!

The truth is, we are all here playing the game of life so it’s not a matter of when your tsunami will hit. It’s a matter of ‘Can you be prepared for it?’. 

Yes you can!

Your Spiritual First Aid Kit Will Include:


Order Spiritual First Aid Kit!


  • An intimate audio lesson from me. Listen as I help you stop, drop and roll to immediately help put out the pain or fear you may be experiencing. I'll give you all the tools you are going to need right now to help make your way through this.
  • A Mediation you can play whenever you need to help calm yourself down and bring you back into the now.
  • 5 Powerful prayers that I've used to help pull me through, that will also help guide you.
  • An audio lesson from me where I help teach you how to undercover the steps of the life lesson that you are enduring. Everything is a lesson and if you miss it, chances are you may have to repeat it. You have to get the lesson and I help give you some tools to uncover what’s happening and why.

This is not a one-time deal!

You can go back to this Spiritual First Aid kit whenever you need it!

It’s a place of comfort and a place to help get you get away from all and any negativity, clear yourself and set a higher vibration in your life for rising above and making it through.

Introductory price is only $49.00!

A small price to pay for one of life’s defenses against drowning in the next tsunami of life thrown your way!

This isn’t a band-aid, this is the cure to help you heal!

Life is full of tsunamis, you just don’t know when the next one will hit.

But you can be more prepared for them! You can purchase a life preserver that you can put on so when “sh*t” hits the fan, you don’t have to go down with the ship!


Order Your Spiritual First Aid Kit!


I also know what it’s like when you are feeling lost in your emotions and just need someone to hold your hand through it…

That’s where Spiritual Road Side Assistance Comes in!

The easy way to get help when you need it right away!


Spiritual Roadside Assistance can be purchased in addition to your Spiritual First Aid Kit, and is a form of protection that helps you when you need it the most. In practice, it means that Spiritual Guidance is just a click away when you encounter life’s day to day struggles.

There is nothing worse than going through a tsunami or break down in your life, feeling lost, alone, and not knowing where to go for help. Others in your life may not understand what you are going through, or know how to support you and help you through it, but I do. I’ve been there myself and through my guidance and trust in God, I’ve channeled all that’s been given to me so I can help you through your struggles too.

First Aid

Only $49

Order Spiritual First Aid Kit


Only $99

Order Roadside Assistance

Or get both for only $148!

Order Roadside Assistance

“…I will be there to boost your spirit…”

I will help you find your way from a place of feeling lost and alone to receive the guidance and direction that you need in your life right now. You’ll be given actual exercises you can do and practical steps you can follow to make things better right now. It’s not something outside of your reach or so far away that you can’t have it, it is right there, direct guidance only a click away!  Use these lessons whenever and wherever you need them.

Through your journey of life’s challenges, I will be there to boost your spirit, guide you through the lesson, and keep you going where you are meant to go.

It’s time to stop breaking down and start breaking through!

Order Roadside Assistance Today!


Road side assistance gives you 30 daily audios that will help you through whatever it is you may be going through. 

  • Loss of a loved one 
  • Terminal illness
  • Break up of a relationship 
  • Abuse 
  • Fatigue
  • Health issues
  • Financial stress 
  • Overwhelmed 
  • Family issues 
  • etc...

First Aid

Only $49

Order Spiritual First Aid Kit


Only $99

Order Roadside Assistance

Or get both for only $148!

Order Roadside Assistance