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Personal Audio Readings

Thank you for your interest in connecting with me through a reading.

With over 10 years of experience connecting with Spirits day in and day out, my Mediumship abilities became so strong, and so intense, that I started to feel the effects on my physical body. I knew that I had to make changes, but I also know that I have a gift that brings immense healing and joy to those in need.

Providing people a connection with their loved ones on the other side is what I do…and finding a way to do that, and stay grounded, healthy, and balanced is what I've now accomplished.

Personal Mini Audio Readings are just that. A personal reading specifically for you, connecting you with Spirits on the other side. I know you'll love them, as much as Spirit and I do!

Carmel xo

  • The audio is then uploaded, and my assistant will email it to you. You'll have this audio mini reading for life.
  • If you're skeptical than this is the perfect reading for you! I can't see you, hear or make any judgements or assumptions as some skeptics think Mediums do.
  • I sometimes offer themed readings. Like for Father's Day or Mother's Day, psychic readings, or readings to connect with your past life etc. etc. I try and be creative and unique when it comes to the mini readings I offer so there's always something for everyone.
  • The audio has whatever information Spirit gives me at the time of your mini reading. Each one is unique and truly guided by Spirit.

Here's how Audio Mini Readings work:

  • When you book an audio reading, I'm given your first name and the relationship of the person you want to connect with on the other side. (Guide, Angel, Father, Mother, son, daughter etc.)
  • Before I start, I always smudge and say a calling in prayer bringing in the spirit or spirits you wish to hear from.
  • When I feel the spirit enter, I push play on the recorder.
  • I record all the messages as they quickly come through to me and if you have a question you need to ask your loved one, I get the answer for you at that time.
  • Spirit likes to talk about all kinds of things. Sometimes they'll tell me what's going on in your life right now, or want to talk about something that happened a long time ago. I leave everything up to spirit.
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Note -

My Personal Audio Mini readings are very limited as I can only do so many at a time. They are personal and specific to you, but I'm only one person so I can only do so many.


If you don't see any on this page and you're reading this now, you can always sign up for my Personal Audio Readings mailing list and we'll be sure to let you know when they are available.


You can also ensure a mini audio reading each and every month by joining Spirits Inner Circle. Click this link below for all the information on how to sign up today!

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