What, why and how?

Curious about things ..here’s what is covered in this private entertaining interview titled …

What, Why and How with Carmel Baird.

What is heaven like?

Why do we not take our body with us on the other side?

How can Spirits communicate with us?

What happens to those who did bad things on earth?

Why do so many feel their life is difficult?

How can we live to be old age?

What was Elvis thinking when he passed?

Why is President Trump still in office?

How can aliens be real?

What does God want us to know above all?

Why can’t we all be rich?

How will we know when we have it right?

And so much more…

What is the most popular way a Spirit can communicate with us?

What’s does it feel like every single day to hear Spirits?

What’s the best part about being a Medium?

What’s the worst part of being a Medium?

What was the most difficult reading you ever had to do?

What is the best most amazing reading you ever did?

Do you always see future events and how do you deal with that?

What is the one thing you wish people knew about Mediums?

How long do you think you’ll be a Medium for?

Have you ever seen a ghost?

Do Mediums sense or know when they see other Mediums?

But that’s not all…

Before Carmel finishes this interview she will tell you the one, most surprising thing that she believes everyone needs to know in this lifetime!

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