The Ultimate Clearing

I thought I had it all figured out and knew exactly how to protect myself from others. Well I did…until the world began to take a major shift and suddenly protecting myself just stepped up to a whole new level. It’s more than worrying about picking up the energy of those at the grocery store now. It’s more than worrying about if we’ll get a headache if we go to a party and are dealing with the gossip of others.

The big question is now … how are we going to make sure that the wave of fear, anger, resentment, judgment, racism etc. by hundreds of thousands of people in our world does not settle into our Spirit, our beliefs, our energy, our property etc. The world is made up of energy and what’s happening in our world right now IS affecting yours. This can have a lot to do with your health and general well being right now.

“Take back the control of your life, your energy and your future”

With the world in a massive shift and many suffering with major distress in their lives, we are all feeling these effects. Most don’t understand that everything is made up of energy. We are all interconnected and what is happening across the globe is being felt by everyone.



Let me ask you these questions …

  • Do you feel like nothing is going right?
  • Are are suffering in some way mentally, emotionally, financially or physically?
  • Do you feel like you are asking for help but no one is hearing you?
  • Do you feel frustrated and stuck in a rut?
  • Do you feel like friends or family have turned against you and you’ve lost support people?
  • Do you feel like you are not getting the signs and symbols you once were?
  • Are you struggling with a health issue that the doctors are not quite sure what it is, but you KNOW there is something not right?
  • Do you feel tired and exhausted just thinking about what you have to do?
  • Is the job your doing, the friends your gathering with and the life you are living not fulfilling your soul?

Don’t worry! You’re not alone!


Let me help you take back control of your life today!

In fact, I myself have recently been in this same place. The difference is I thought it was “just me” or something that I was doing wrong. What I didn’t realize was that the WORLD is making some drastic shifts and changes and that energy is being felt across the globe and it’s affecting us in ways we can not even imagine! When I heard Spirit ask me why I wanted to take on everything else that wasn’t mine ..I got a major wake up call. This is not mine and I can take back control of my life, my energy and my future!


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Lessons Included Are:


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  • Lesson 1

    Who, what, where & why. – Knowledge is power!
  • Lesson 2

    The three P’s – Protection, Psychic attack & Prayers.
  • Lesson 3

    Taking it to the street – How to help others, family and friends.
  • Lesson 4

    The Grocery store – You’re not going to believe this one!
  • Lesson 5

    Beyond Smudging – New and creative ways to clear your space!


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