Carmel & Melissa Tell All!

World renowned Spiritual Medium Carmel Baird and her Psychic Medium daughter Melissa Baird,
provide you with a never before in depth 8-week video series!

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Discover The Secrets...

An 8 week video series to discover the secret of psychics



Carmel & Melissa Tell ALL!




They will discuss new topics, and each week they will surprise you with the inside details that psychics & mediums aren’t telling you!

What are their lives really like as psychics and mediums?

What’s the worst thing a Spirit has done to them?

What are some psychics lying to people about?

How to know what’s real and what’s not?

What do Carmel and Melissa not agree on in the world of Spirit?

We won’t give everything away here, but this video series is like no other! There is no fluffy talk that’s for sure! The girls get right to the nitty gritty and tell all!

If you enjoyed Mom’s A Medium, you’re going to love this series! There is even a special guest appearance with other family members!