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About Carmel



The Empath’s Way


Carmel new fall 8

The Empath's Way

The Complete Program to Help You Survive Life as an Empath

Empath's are highly sensitive people who are emotional sponges. They pick up everything and feel all the stress and joy of what goes on around them, and even out in the world. So many people don't even realize they are empaths and instead suffer needlessly.

Here are some signs you may be an Empath

  • You can tell when someone is lying to you or is holding back.

  • You can sometimes pick up on the illnesses of others around you and begin to feel them or experience them.

  • You feel tired, run down or exhausted often.

  • You feel others pain emotionally, mentally and physically.

  • You cannot take high doses of medication

  • You avoid hospitals and medical places because of how they make you feel.

  • You are very in tune with your body and sometimes other people's bodies.

  • You don't like scary movies or things that make you feel uncomfortable.

  • Negative people, thoughts, feelings or emotions feel too much for you and overwhelm you.

  • Being in crowds or around loud people is too much for you.

  • You are very intuitive and have dreams, thoughts, feelings or insights on many things.

  • You've been told by others growing up that you're too sensitive.

  • You are creative and love being in the moment when you can be.

  • Sounds need to pleasing to your ears or it's too uncomfortable for you to listen.

  • You like to focus on one thing at a time. Too much is just too much.

  • Your emotions change suddenly for no cause or reason.

These feelings and thoughts are often not your own.

 An Empath is someone who feels and absorbs the emotions and/or physical symptoms of others. They are highly sensitive and can often become overwhelmed and stressed, they can experience panic attacks, depression, fatigue and addiction of all kinds. Life doesn't have to be tough for you anymore. This program is going to change your life forever!

In this program, Carmel will teach how to center yourself so that you don’t become overloaded. How to protect yourself from the energy of others and how to clean and clear the negative feelings and emotions of others from yourself. She will teach you about grounding and opening and closing your Chakras, which are the energy centers in your body.

Empaths are also highly Intuitive.

Carmel will also help you learn to use your intuition to develop positive relationships and avoid negative, energy-draining ones. She will teach you how to have healthy boundaries, keep your identity and not take on the thoughts or feelings of others.

9 Lesson Program Includes:

Lesson 1


The life of an empath

Lesson 4

empaths & love

Relationships with empaths can be a tricky one. This week we cover love, intimacy and more.

Lesson 7

Empaths & Intuition

Learn how to use the gift and no longer see it as a curse. Control the flow of energy and begin to make waves with your ability.

Lesson 2

stop taking on the negative and start bringing in the positive

Included in this lesson is, Is This Mine check list? Use this simple check list to know instantly if the thoughts, feelings and emotions are really yours or are you picking up on the energy of someone else?

Lesson 5

Empath Protection

Learn Protection from psychic attack and energy vampires, included is Carmel's protection meditation **NEW, never before released**

Lesson 8

The Workplace

So many empaths struggle in their place of employment. Constantly feeling and absorbing the energy of others. Finally control your work space and enjoy the experience of feeling in control.

Lesson 3


Ditch overeating, bad habits, sugar addiction, substance abuse, avoidance behaviours etc.

Lesson 6

Raising an Empath

Help for parents who are raising children who are empathic. The major do's and don'ts that can save you a ton of problems with your children as the grow up.

Lesson 9

The Blessing & The Curse

Embracing what will stay with you always and releasing and changing what you can let go of and control.

Carmel new fall 6

You don't have to struggle with being an Empath anymore!

Now you can finally gain some control and even embrace the gift & blessing of being empathic!

This course is also available with an Intuition

Your monthly subscription for just $37.00 a month!

For $1.23 per day,
this spiritual program helps you work on yourself
at your own pace.

Many of us are spending a few hundred dollars each month on new clothes, your hair, your nails, escaping reality with a trip to the movies…

For the low cost of less than the price of a coffee every day, you can work on yourself from the inside out!

The Empath’s Way