Spiritual Cleansing

Online Course


Do you feel tired, empty and worn out?

Do you feel heavy and weighed down by life’s worries?

Do you struggle to feel motivated? 

Do you feel like you may be spiritually blocked?

Then it’s time to remove what’s weighing you down and do a little Spiritual Cleansing!

For the first time, Carmel shares with you her personal cleansing rituals she uses regularly for herself, her family, her workspace and her home in this brand new, six-lesson audio course! 

Lesson 1:

Setting Intentions

Learn to set intentions for yourself, your home and workspace! How do you want to feel? How do you want your home to feel? What do you want your space to help you release? Carmel teaches you how to set the intentions you need to receive what you want for yourself and your space!

Lesson 2:


Carmel teaches you how to remove the negative energy that can be holding you back. She will also teach you how to bring in the blessings to your personal space.  Learn when is the right time to smudge and when you shouldn’t. Learn how to make your own smudge bundles for your specific smudging needs and so much more!

Lesson 3:


Learn what crystals should you have in your home at all times and why? Learn how to care for and cleanse your crystals to receive the most benefit from them. Carmel will share with you what crystals she uses personally to protect her home and personal space!

Lesson 4:


Salt is one of the oldest minerals on earth, learn how to use salt to cleanse and protect your home. What type of salt is best and why?

Lesson 5:


Learn all about the power of scent in your home. What scents, essential oils and incenses should you use and why? What scents encourage protection, abundance, cleansing and so much more!

Lesson 6:


Learn about the power of sound. Learn how to raise your own vibration and the vibration in your home using the power of sound!

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