So You’re New To The Spiritual World?

Let me show you a few things I’ve learned over the years!

An Introductory Course For Anyone Who Wants To Learn More About The World Of Psychics!


Being ‘psychic’ may sound intimidating and scary, or even just hard to say the word “psychic”. But we ALL have this ability. It’s whether or not we decide to tap into our sixth sense that is the ultimate question!


In this beginner’s course, I will teach you all the basics about being a psychic and tapping into the knowing that you already have!

There is nothing to fear here, and it’s all about using the birthright we were all given… your sixth sense!

Simply Psychic Introduction:

Learn more about the course and what tools Carmel recommends you have when you start your journey.

Sneak Peek:
Lesson 1 – Protection

Ready to get started? In this video, Carmel will cover one of the most important things you will need to begin developing your intuition and capabilities.

This course is for beginners!
If you’re already intermediate or advanced, you may learn something new, but this course was specifically designed to help those who are just getting started.


Learn how using your intuition can change your life!

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