2020/2021 was not just about a change in the way we treat nature and animals (as we saw with covid-19 and nature beginning to heal) but also a change for what we have done, and what we continue to do to others.

For decades the Canadian government forced Indigenous families to send their children to boarding schools to assimilate them, in what a national Truth and Reconciliation Commission found in 2015 was an effort to wipe out their cultures.
Recently it was discovered that there are hundreds of bodies at two schools in Western Canada, most of them children.

That’s just 2 schools …what will we find when we look at more of them?

In 2019 Carmel begged everyone to understand and realize that a major shift was coming. She explained in many ways how the world was about to change.
abilities had given her visions and knowledge that would hopefully prepare us for what was about to come.

Something that you may not know …

Those children have been calling to Mediums and Psychics around the globe for many, many years. Most of them did not understand where or why they felt the way they did or how or why they saw the visions they did. But they knew.
They knew each time they looked into the eyes of an Indigenous person. Each time they drove by a school and each time they heard the beat of the drum. In their heart they knew.

Carmel has always believed that the Indigenous people of Canada had it right. They were the closest to Spirit/Creator/God (whichever you choose to call it) and she believes their beliefs and ways are the way back to healing ourselves, our planet and our hearts.

If you got another chance to do it right …one would hope you wouldn’t screw it up.

Carmel invites you to listen with your heart, learn with your ears and speak only what will bring peace and healing.

She is giving you her newest mini audio lesson, Shift From Spirit, guidance she believes may help you in some way to understand the shift. This online audio is a direct download from channeling Spirit.

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