The Power of Gratitude!


Gratitude is the most powerful prayer!

                                                                                                When we are grateful the universe sends us more to be grateful for!  This is simple and easy when things are going well in our lives but how can we stay grateful through the challenges of life?

How can we be grateful when life’s tsunamis keep coming at us?

 Carmel has been through her own share of tragedy’s and it was gratefulness and gratitude that got her through it all!

When you want to throw in the towel, break down and cry that’s when being a Gratitude Master is the most important!

You Can Become a Gratitude Master!

In this 4 Lesson Mini Audio Course, Carmel will teach you how to stay in an attitude of gratitude even when life is at its most difficult.

Receive these four lessons!

  • Lesson 1
    Understanding the power of gratitude.
    What you don’t know you can’t do!
  • Lesson 2
    Don’t forget to shoulder check.
    Learn why the past means something to your future.
  • Lesson 3
    Stick to the Plan.
    Daily habits and how to incorporate them.
  • Lesson 4
    Gratitude Master for life.
    You have a 100% success rate’s why.

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