You Can “Be The Change”

Facilitate your own group of like-minded others with Carmel’s guidance!

Facilitate change and growth in yourself and others by holding your own
Psychic Development or Empowerment Classes Every Month from the comfort of your own home or chosen location.

Let’s Change The World, Just One Person At A Time!

I have offered Psychic Development and Women’s Empowerment classes for several years now. At first I taught them from my own home and then from my business office at River Lane Ranch.

These bi-weekly classes have taught hundreds of students how to take steps to change their lives. Whether it’s learning how to use their intuition or to empower themselves to begin their healing journey to self. A way to instrument changes or face the challenges of day to day life, these classes have offered an amazing opportunity to be with like-minded others and share a path that many end up having to face alone.

The support and energy of these groups is life changing!

I have created a monthly subscription class package for 10 months that comes with facilitator support!

Welcome! You will receive a welcome video to help you with any questions you may have to get started. I’ll teach you how to advertise, set up the class, lay the groundwork and the foundation for you to succeed.

Your First Month: I will send you a monthly audio clip with instruction tips along with a PDF printable document that lays out the class plan for two classes that month!

The PDF has step-by-step instructions guiding you through a two hour class to help you facilitate the group. You can really do this! You will be getting some of the best class templates I’ve been using for the last seven years!

Teaching and facilitating others also helped me to learn along the way. I became a better Medium and healer when I was helping guide others!

You can partner up with others in your area and host different nights at homes, you can turn that basement no one goes into, into a space for healing and growth. You can hold classes outside at a nearby park or rent a space if needed.

Whether you want to empower others and take them through a spiritual journey to finding themselves or provide a space for like minded initiatives to learn and grow, Be The Change will help you step-by-step so you never feel lost along the way.

Here's What You Will Get

  • Videos to answer your questions and set you on the right path for facilitating your own classes!
  • 10 Months of audio clips from Carmel about the classes you have been provided with for that month.
  • 10 months of PDFs that outline your course, the supplies you’ll need and the information you need to facilitate a really great class!

Learn How To Facilitate:

be the change classes
You must sign up for all 10 months.
To register we do require the first and last month payments
Your first month payment will be double and remaining months will be the regular monthly fee.
Your credit card is billed every month.

You can choose Psychic Development, or Empowerment, or BOTH!

Psychic Development