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Why: Because you’ll finally hear Carmel connect with Spirit and give the answers to some very controversial topics!

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Carmel has stayed away from answering these controversial topics for years but she finally connects with Spirit and tells us all!

We compiled the hottest topics and and we sat her down and asked her!

Carmel will discuss things you can’t even imagine!  We gave her several questions per session, and she connected with Spirit and gave us her insight, thoughts and opinions.



Series one topics:

Volume 1 – World Issues

Volume 2 – Celebrity Gossip

Volume 3 – You Won’t Believe This!

What you can expect!

  • Each series will have 3 sessions. Each session will be packed with controversial questions! Over 2 hours of content!
  • You can download each session and take them with you so you can listen or watch the series on-the-go!
  • Carmel will answer several questions in each session. These are just some of the questions she's been asked over the years and some really hot topics right now!


Some of the questions:

Did you watch the show Making a Murderer and do you think Steven Avery did it?

Who do you think is going to win the US election?

Will there be another major war or act of terror and if so where?


Some of the questions:

What celebrity spirits have come to you to make a connection since they have passed?

Is OJ Simpson, Khloe Kardashian’s Dad?

How did Marilyn Monroe die?


Some of the questions:

Ever since my Dad passed away I’m unable to have sex with my husband because I think my Dad is watching? What can I do?

I think my husband who I was divorced from hid money in the Cayman Islands. Can you tell me where and if I can get it?

Are people really capable of being possessed and do poltergeist really exist?

Insight and Answers

Get the answers you've been waiting for!

Hot Topics!

Carmel will talk about several topics; world, celebrity, fun questions, advice, communication, relationships, etc.

Download & Go!

Download any sessions from the series, or all of them, and listen on the go!

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