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2024 Moons & Manifesting

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Original price was: $199.00.Current price is: $99.00.

2024 Moons & Manifesting

Online Course

It’s no secret to Carmel’s followers and fans that she loves the moon and has been using the energy of the New and Full Moon each month for many years.

The energy of the moon has amplified her manifestations, helped her to release what doesn’t serve her or her family, and build strong connections with Spirit.

The moon and her Mothering energy has been helping men and women since the beginning of time.

Considering the moon controls the tides and about 60% of the adult human body is water (the brain and heart are 73 percent), it would make sense to wonder how the stages of the moon affect us and ultimately how they can help us.

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2024 Moons & Manifesting

In this amazing new program, Carmel shares with you every new moon and full moon ritual and practice that she has for each moon through 2024.

That's a total of 25 lessons!

You’ll also learn about the phase the moon is in and how you may be feeling or how things around you may be affecting you.

You’ll be manifesting things you never knew were possible and opening doors to possibilities that you may have even given up on.

Enhance your well-being and deepen your spirituality with the powerful energy of the moon. Experience the transformative effects of moon energy and unlock a greater sense of connection.

The new moon is for fresh starts and new beginnings. Each new moon you wil learn a new ritual that applies directly to the new moon we are in at that time.

You’ll receive your audio a few days before the new moon so if you need any supplies, you have plenty of time to get them.

These hands-on rituals and exercises are easy, grounding and set to spiritually connect you on so many levels.

Then the full moon which we all know is no joke.

Some of the craziest times of in our lives have happened on full moons. We bet you can agree to that one.

Emotions run high on full moons, and everything is extra intense so this is a great time for Carmel to share with you her full moon rituals and guidance specific to the year 2024 and the moon and phase we’re in.

This program is for anyone who loves manifesting & anyone who wants to change things by harnessing the most amazing natural source of energy they can imagine!

Come spend 2024 with the Carmel and the moon and find out just what amplifying magick and manifestations is all about!


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2024 Moons & Manifesting

Original price was: $199.00.Current price is: $99.00.