The 60 Day Challenge to Change!

Will You Accept Your Challenge To Change? So many people want to change so much in their lives, and it is hard for them to know how to start. You may feel overwhelmed and at a loss to where it comes to knowing where to begin, so then you don’t start at all and so …


School Of Spirit & Certified Mediumship Training

School Of Spirit & Certified Mediumship Training! Two of my biggest programs that I have done yet! Two of the biggest endeavours that I have ever taken on with online programs. Let Me Tell You All About It: School of Spirit is an eight week interactive video-based training program that teaches you creative, intuitive, spiritually-guided …


The office is closed for 10 days to heal

Hi there, I don’t like cliches. I don’t like to hear people say “ When it rains it pours” or to hear “ Things happen in threes” I think that our thoughts create our future and so I always tell people to make sure that they choose the good ones. I’m always searching for gratitude …


Readings For A Cause – 1st DRAW!

THANK YOU, to everyone who purchased our very first Readings For A Cause!! Our first winner is, Deborah Smith! Congratulations!! I’m excited for your reading tomorrow! With permission from the charity of choice, we will be sure to post about the group, and what they do for the community. Our next draw will be October …


A little less ego and a lot more carefree!

About three years ago I had emergency back surgery. I’ve had back problems since my twenties but I suddenly developed something called Cauda Equina and ended up in an emergency room. I was prepped for major back surgery by six am the next morning! After the surgery I lost all feeling down the right side …


Right here with me..

As a Medium, I spend my days with people who are grieving. They are often so lost in their grief that they sometimes feel totally disconnected from their loved ones who have crossed. It’s my mission to bridge the gap, and show them that’s not true. Their loved ones are working so hard to show …


When life happens…

My family knows I’m the worst one to ever slow down. I am happiest when I’m reading for clients, speaking at events, throwing family gatherings, tackling a major renovation, answering a million questions at once, doing, going, giving, being, living, thriving, and so much more! I love chaos and no one handles it better than …


I Am Enough

Have you ever noticed that we always have a goal or a “thing” that we are striving towards that will make us happy? When I lose 30 lbs I’ll love my body. When I get to supervisor I’ll be happy. When I retire I’ll do what I love. When I go on vacation I can …


Lest We Forget

Today is Remembrance Day. Today we commemorate those who have died serving our country and those who are still fighting for our country today. Please take a moment today to stand up for our Veterans and Military members.


Change your story ..change your life.

When I was in my first marriage I thought that I was trapped. I told myself I was a victim and I was forced to be there. I made excuses why I couldn’t make changes in my life, such as – “I have no money.” “I have no support.” “I have no one else who’d …


Wise Words Wednesday

Being happy is something that each and everyone of us are striving for every day. Your happiness should be your first and foremost important objective. When we are happy and love ourselves everything and everyone around us will feel the same. Just remember that in order to obtain your happiness’s NOT okay to hurt, …


Thoughtful Tuesday

If you came and asked me what was in the yummy cookies I made. I would give you a list of the ingredients. Brown sugar, flour, chocolate chips, butter, vanilla, eggs…etc. If you came and asked me how to “make” those cookies, I’ll give you the recipe. A Psychic’s job is to give you the …


Motivational Monday

The beginning of the week and it’s hard to get yourself back into the swing of things after a weekend of fun, friends and relaxation. Be in the moment! All to often we forget to enjoy the journey because were so busy looking ahead at the destination. Don’t go into today taking a deep breath …


Water of the Spirits…

Lake Minnewanka is known as the Water of Spirits. I recently was blessed enough to stand at its water edge and hear the Native Warrior Spirits call out in the wind. Truly this is the “Water of Spirits”.


Recent Reading – Ghost Boyfriend

When I walked out to the living room to greet my last two clients of the day I have to admit, I was exhausted. It had been a long day of playing catch-up with clients in between our busy filming schedule. I greeted Vicki and Candace in the living room and asked if they knew …


Newsletter – October 2013

The biggest mistake we make is to doubt ourselves and the messages we get from the other side. Each of us is capable of communicating with our loved ones. Yet when we see things, feel things, or experience things they are trying to share with us, we often will dismiss it and say to ourselves …