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The Online School of Intuitive Beings


Original price was: $129.00.Current price is: $89.00. / month

The Witches Circle - An Online School for Intuitive Beings is an online school with a monthly enrolment that will not only help you develop, learn, grow and expand your knowledge and gifts but it will also connect you with like-minded others who will are on a similar path and journey as you.

Learn to work with herbs and discover their healing.

Learn to work with herbs and discover their healing.

Learn about meditation and connecting with Mother Earth.

Discover your power within and learn to use your gifts.

Discover your power within and learn to use your gifts.

Who is this Circle and School for?

  • Anyone who sees themselves as an intuitive being.

  • It is a school for Witches.

  • It is a school for Mediums.

  • It is a school for Psychics.

  • It is a school for Healers.

  • It is a school for Empaths.

  • It is a school for Intuitives.

  • And likely if you are reading this…it is a school for you!

  • Anyone who sees themselves as an intuitive being

Who is this School not for?

  • Those who are sceptical of Witches, Shaman, Medicine Women, Healers, Empaths and intuition.

  • Those who are stuck in their ego.

  • Those who think this is woo woo.

What does the School include?

You will have full access to every online course that has ever been written and developed by Carmel Joy Baird (This excludes all programs and certification programs such as Certified Mediumship Training and Blue Seal Medium).

You will receive access to all new CJB online courses as they are released. You'll never need to purchase any new courses when they come out as they will be automatically added to this program (Some restrictions may apply).

You will be invited to join a Private Facebook Group just for those in this program. Chat and talk with others who are on the same path and journey as you are. Share crystals, energy work, herbs, spells, etc. A place to feel surrounded and supported by those like you!

You will receive a Weekly Secret Audio message from Carmel or one of her special guests. Listen weekly as you hear a special message that may range from what spell is best on Monday's to what herbs to sprinkle at the front door on Fridays … all the way to how to work with energy to enhance your readings and so, so, so much more.

Monthly webinar! This right here is what pays for itself with this school. This webinar will cycle around the time of the full moon or new moon. The heart of this school is about on-going learning towards all things intuitive. You are not just learning one thing, but so many things to help expand and grow your knowledge and skills. Sometimes your webinars will come with homework and with supply lists for what to bring to the webinar. Please be sure to watch your emails before each webinar. Receive a special audio lesson from Carmel during the summer months.

Why do you need to learn these things?

Every intuitive needs to stay on a path of learning and growing. It is so important not to get stuck and stay stagnant with your gifts. This is what keeps us on a forward path so that we may become a force in our own lives and the lives of others to help create the world we want to live in individually and collectively.

What you need to know:

You may not know exactly what your gifts are but if you are interested in further developing your intuition. Then this school is 100% for you.

This school is not tied to any religion. You can be any form of religion to be an intuitive being. Your beliefs are your own and this is a safe and loving forum where all are accepted here.

From beginners to the most advanced and all those in between, this school fits everyone!

A quick history lesson to help you remember

Many, many years ago there was a time when most villages had what they would call a Shaman, Healer, Old Sage, Medicine Women or just say "go see _____, she/he will help you."

These people had strong intuitive gifts and a will to help heal and give to others. They understood that God, Spirit, Higher Power, Universe (whatever you want to call it) was in everything and everyone. The trees, the earth, the animals, the plants, the moon and more.

This worked well for many and helped teach them how to protect themselves, draw on energy and learn how to manifest the things they wanted in their lives. Teaching them anyone could have more money, enough food, be healthy etc.

There once was a King and his wife who went to the town healer. The King was quite pompous and rude to the Healer and although she gave them the herbs and blessings they needed she told the King " Karma will come to you one day for how you treat people."

On his travels back home the wind on the sea took a different direction and he and his crew nearly drowned. He blamed the Healer for doing this by speaking about Karma and he labelled her a WITCH. This is where the name and term witch came from. He then wrote a book on how to discover if someone was a witch and how to kill them. This King and his book spread like wildfire and around the world in many countries and those who were once sought after and seen as a blessing were now labelled witches and hung, drowned or burned.

Sad, but true.

You see, they were never evil, never ate children, never wanted to harm, never wanted to take. Just had blessings and gifts to offer the world.

So whether you are a Witch, an Intuitive, an Empath, a Reiki Master, a Psychic, a Medium, a Healer, a Shaman or whatever word you identify with …don't you think it's time to wake? Right now seems like a good time to me.

The Online School of Intuitive Beings

Original price was: $129.00.Current price is: $89.00. / month