Signs & Symbols From Spirit!





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Signs & Symbols from Spirit 

Do you want clear signs from your loved ones?

So many people wonder what their signs and symbols are from their loved ones.

You want to know your loved ones are with you, but you just don’t understand how to look or what to look for!

Listen as Carmel teaches you how to interpret signs and symbols from Spirits!

In this brand new 6 lesson audio course, Carmel will walk you through how to understand the signs and symbols you are getting.

You are getting them… in fact every single day! And she will teach you how to look for them and even how to ask for more!


Listen to an audio clip from Carmel telling you about this course!


What you'll get with this course:

6 Audio Lessons

Listen anywhere as Carmel teaches you via audio clips!

Sign for the week - For 24 weeks!

For 24 weeks you'll get an audio clip that tells you what your sign from Spirit will be that week. Each week you'll know the exact sign you need to look for from them!

Signs & Symbols Journal

Learn how to create your signs and symbols journal!


Download these lessons to your devices and take the audio clips on the go!


A beautiful journal created just for you to write down all your signs and symbols from Spirit!

Signs & Symbols from Spirit


Signs & Symbols from Spirit

Signs & Symbols from Spirit


Signs & Symbols from Spirit

Here's what people are saying...

Debbie Schilling
Debbie Schilling

I have been having so much fun and am in awe since I took the signs and symbols course. Today I said to my Mom and Dad: "show me a goose." On the way back to work. Guess what??
A metal goose on the top of a house! I say thanks Mom and Dad. Love you guys. Thank you spirit, I smile like I've never smiled, I never knew that you could do this. Now I'm waiting for a rose from my gramma Rose. Thank you Carmel, my loved ones know that I can see their signs.

Ordered: Feb 21, 2016

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Card Deck: The card deck will start being email to you weekly, starting on Mondays. You will receive them every Monday, for 24 weeks. If you join this course on a Wednesday, you will start receiving your cards the following Monday, for 24 weeks.



” Messages from loved ones, are in the whispers in life” 

~ Carmel Baird 


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