This online course will last for 4 weeks and help you to dive deep into your divine Spirit to uncover some hidden truths, secrets of past lives and deepen the connection with your Guides, Angels and Loved ones on the other side.

Many students have said to Carmel they struggle with journaling and find it difficult to either make the time to do it, or to know what or how to write.

Whether you wish to handwrite or type… this program is easy to use and prompts you with asking the right questions and providing the information that will take you on a deeply transformative and enlightened journey.

You’ll begin with an audio lesson from Carmel where she will give you your first lesson on journaling and how to get the most out of the information you’re higher- self already has stored inside of you.

Then …you’re off!!

Every other day you’ll access a recording in your course where Carmel will be giving you instruction and thought-provoking questions on what to journal about and how best to navigate your way through this incredible experience she’d laid out for you.

This program is for those who LOVE to journal and even for those who HATE it!

You’re set up for success with Carmel by your side guiding you step by step for 4 weeks.

We promise this will be the most in-depth journaling you have done to date!

Just $99.00!

Purchase Now!


Purchase Now!


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