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An amazing online Community built just for YOU!




If you build it, they will come! At least that’s what Carmel said to her web designer when she decided it was time to build an online community where she could connect with people in a much BIGGER way!

This exclusive VIP community is the perfect place to learn, develop, chat, laugh, share, cry, join webinars, and receive amazing savings!  This community allows you to connect with Carmel and with likeminded others who are on the same quest to bridge the gap to the other side.

You’ll get to know Carmel better, her family and her staff! We are excited to see you in the Community soon!


Why Should You Sign Up For The Community?

  • A monthly one card reading from Carmel's Butterfly Oracle Card Deck! You'll receive an emailed audio clip and a photo of the card pulled on the 1st of every month for each month for 12 months starting from the date of your enrolment!
  • 10% all merchandise sold at all events held at River Lane Ranch!
  • 50% OFF one regular priced online course of your choice!
  • You'll be invited to join an private FB page that only Community members are in! Carmel interacts directly with community members on this page!
  • $150 OFF a private reading booked within the year of your subscription. Even though the wait list to book a reading has hundreds of people on it who are waiting for dates to come up to book, we have special dates just for Community members so you can book anytime! (Please note once your reading is booked the wait time to receive the reading is still 18-24months)
  • Exclusive contests and giveaways that are only within the Community that include free readings, meet and greets, tickets to events, etc. (These are posted in the Community FB group)
  • Create your own profile and upload photo's of you and your loved ones.
  • 30% OFF a psychic reading from Carmel's intuitive daughter, Melissa Joy Baird (receive your reading within weeks!)

NEW to the Community!

Here’s what’s NEW for everyone this year!

  • You will be invited to join several private Community webinars with Carmel, for Community Members only!
  • Submit questions via the private Community, and every month we will select five questions for Carmel to answer. These questions and answers will be posted right on the site and Facebook page so everyone can read them!
  • Giveaways! Each month, 2 members of the Community will WIN a special surprise gift from Carmel! It could be a reading, a course, a special call from Carmel, and more! Draw held on the 20th of the month!

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We LOVE the Community!

Maureen Hall Foss
Maureen Hall Foss

It helps immensely to be able to share my encounters with Spirit and the sometimes difficult to explain experiences with others who gone through the same types of situations. Sometimes the answers answers are right in front of us and it just takes the perspective of someone else to nudge you to see the signs that Spirit is leaving. Carm's Community is full of people sharing and reassuring each other!

Rhonda Tomashewsky
Rhonda Tomashewsky

I love Carm's Community! It's a community that is positive and inspiring, it's a place to go when you need to get away from all the negativity around you. People here are wonderful and no one judges you. Carmel herself is a caring and generous individual and is always there to help and inspire.

Melissa Huard
Melissa Huard

I joined Carmel's community and I have enjoyed every minute of it! From chatting with her and Dave in the chat rooms, to getting my special Guidance and Valentines card reading! My reading was so spot on and really hit home for me! Carmel has such an awesome gift and shares what she does and touches the lives of so many. She is so down to earth and open about what she deals with on a daily basis with all the folks in this awesome community! I truly wish I lived closer to her as I would love to see her in person! You have a wonderful family and such great staff who are always there to help! Thanks Carmel for all that you do!

Join Today And Save!

Save $150 OFF a private reading booked within the year of your subscription.

Join Today And Save!

Live Webinars with Carmel!

Join in on Community Only webinars with Carmel!

Live Webinars with Carmel!

Receive a Monthly Card Reading From Carmel! You will receive an emailed audio clip and a photo of the card pulled on the 1st of every month for each of the 12 months of your subscription starting from the date of your enrolment!

Special Sales, Discounts & More!


As a community member you’ll receive 50% off one regular priced online course of your choice! On top of that you’ll receive $150 off a private reading booked within’ a year of your subscription with Carmel and 30% off a psychic reading from Carmel’s intuitive daughter, Melissa Joy Baird! And to top it all off, we run special sales for our community members all year, including 10% off all merchandise sold at events at River Lane Ranch and much more!

Live Chats With Carmel


As a member you’ll get access to our live chat forums that take place only in the community or FB page, where you can chat with other like-minded community members. And on special occasions Carmel hosts group chat’s with community members.

Register today for just $129 for your yearly membership! Existing members can renew for only $89!


Connect directly with Carmel via live webinars only for Community Members!



Setup a custom profile and share your experiences with Spirit with like-minded others.




Receive special discounts all year including $150 off a reading with Carmel!