Because our Fur Family is Family too!

Cost: $49.00

All readings completed by August 10th

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My love of animals goes way back to when I was a little girl. My first fur friend was a Maltese dog by the name of “Whiskey”. I dressed him up, carried him around and he was my best friend for a very long time.

There were, and are, many more animals in my life and to this day I am surrounded by them. Dogs, cats, chickens, peacocks, horses, etc.

They keep me grounded and comforted like nothing else in this life time.

What I didn’t know as a little girl, that I know now is that our animals stay with us after they’ve passed and can also communicate with us from the other side.

So many people ask me for messages from their pets. They want to know if they are okay, if they did everything right and if they have any validations or messages for them.

Now is the time that you can connect with your animals on the other side!

Animal Connection Readings is a mini mediumship reading that I will do with your pet!


A new reading, just for you!


Our pets are our family, too and can connect from the other side!


Download your reading, and keep it always!










What can you expect!

  • You can ask Carmel 1 question to or about your pet!
  • Carmel will connect with your fur friend, and send you a message via audio file.
  • All readings will be completed, and emailed by August 10th.
  • Receive validations that your pets are still with you!

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