Mom's a Medium

Once upon a time there was a Medium, who gave a reading to a producer…and well the rest is history!

I was already seeing clients professionally for a few years before approached to do a show about my life as a Medium and how I balance being a Medium and Mom. Things haven’t changed since we invited a film crew into our house. There’s never a dull moment! My husband and I call it “Controlled Chaos! ” as I’m sure some of you can relate. Watch as my family and myself go through the ups and downs of our life and do so while I’m connecting with the other side!


Webisode 201: Restaurant Reading
Webisode 202a: Grateful Grandparents
Webisode 202b: Ethan Miller's Old MacDonald Farm
Webisode 203a: Knee
Webisode 203b: Open Mediumship
Webisode 204: Together
Webisode 205b: Pet Portrait
Webisode 207: Psychic Fair

Clips From The Show

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