Good morning Carmel, I am more than pleased to provide my thoughts and experiences with Carmel; and, more so follow-up with regard to the appointment. Since seeing Carmel I have no doubt in my mind that I will not go to any other psychic other than Carmel herself. Her mediumship-readings have been very, very precise. So precise that I get freaked but when I think about all that has happened within the last six months and since seeing Carmel and being part of the women’s group—so much change has occured and all of which are positive changes. I have learned to let go and become who I am today – closure played a big part of it and to have the spirits come and tell me that “it is okay” was something I guess I needed to hear. The experience itself was far more important to me than to continue to fall into the same trap of being a victim—I am no longer that victim. Insofar as the readings, it truly amazes me to get a better insight as to what has happened, what is occuring and perhaps what’s in store for me. This is a gift itself. What can I say about “the rock” but I always seem to choose “the original” meaning one that no one has ever chosen and it’s made me a firm believer to continue the path that I have chosen. Thank you ladies, you have been and continue to be an inspiration for me to continue with my journey towards healing and becoming a better person, to becoming truly myself.

All smiles :)