Congratulations To All Of The 2016 Scholarship Winners



Well I can honestly say I haven’t had an evening like that before! I was up until 3am last night, reviewing all of the awesome and inspiring videos that came in for our 2016 School Of Spirit & Certified Mediumship scholarship contest.

I am blown away at the videos that were sent in and I’m also totally shocked at how many of them there were!  You guys not only inspire me, but have touched me in a way that words just can’t explain! I can’t even explain how difficult this was to choose three winners. It was a tough, tough choice.

In fact so tough that I have extended the original amount of scholarships from 3 to 25!

I was laughing, crying and sending so many healing prayers and thoughts of love through the screen. So many of you sounded just like me not that long ago.Carmel Happy smile

The love, passion, creativity, heartfelt sincerity,truth and raw emotion you expressed to the world in your entries is awe inspiring.

Myself and my team watched over 200 entries and have made our selections for this year.

Before I get to the chosen recipients, I want to share a few things. First of all please know…

Speaking your truth and believing in yourself is a priceless gift, that you have now given to yourself! So go you! Nothing can stop you now!

You have knowledge and gift of Spirit within you that you can never learn in any textbook, classroom or program. You are intuitive, and divinely blessed with capabilities beyond what you could ever imagine.

Not receiving a scholarship to School of Spirit or Certified Mediumship Training nor any other disappointment in life can’t stop you from continuing to expand the greatness you already have within, unless you let it. Remember YOU are in control of your thoughts and feelings, and trust that everything happens when and how it should.

Whether School Of Spirit & Certified Mediumship Training become a part of your world or not, know how much of a winner you are right now, and how deeply I respect you for speaking your truth and acknowledging your gift you have to share with the world!

I admire your truth. I admire your honesty. I admire you for being a leader among us and for setting your fears and insecurity aside to follow your dreams and listen to your intuition  — fully and authentically.

I respect your clarity, determination and willingness to think outside the box. I respect you for figuring out technology, and for all the work that goes into to creating a “simple” 3 minute video. YOU ROCK!

And if you let me, I can continue to support you in free live webinars and with live Facebook feeds!

And now, without further ado, here are the 25 recipients of a 2016 School Of Spirit + Certified Mediumship Training Scholarship.

1. Kimberly Wiruth

2. Blake Payne

3. Grace Gardiner

4. Diane Stark

5. Jennifer Piwniuk

6. Joanne Mikula

7. Mary Furneaux

8. Pam Peters

9. Cindy Figueroa

10. Kaylin Walkinshaw

11. Anne-Marie Evans

12. Kim Standeven

13. Melissa Badine

14. Erin Benoit

15. Melanie Herch

16. Christine Schroetter

17. Shawna McMurran

18. Cheryl Courtnall

19. Angie Deslauriers

20. Sherri Gilbertson

21. Carrie Ranch

22. Heather Belanger

23. Celine Ritchner

24. Stacey Prince

25. Rachel Beswetherick

**If your name is on this list, write to us at
Place –  “I’M A SCHOLARSHIP WINNER” in the subject line and we’ll send you information on accepting your scholarship.

Since we’re in the middle of enrolment and an extended sale our email volume is higher than usual, so please be very patient.

We’ll make sure you’re fully taken care of well before the course begins on Tuesday September 20th.

P.S. Since many have asked, School Of Spirit and Certified Mediumship closes on Monday September 19th, 2016.

We will not be opening up these courses again until 2017. If you know this is right for you, you can still join us! Click here to register for School Of Spirit

All my love & support,

Carmel Baird xo

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We will not be opening up these courses again until 2017.

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