I reached out for a reading with Carmel in September of 2014. I was hoping to connect with my grandfather who had passed 3 and a half years ago and my brother, who committed suicide in 2013. As soon as she started to pull my spirits, both men came through for me immediately. What I love about Carmel is her style and how she delivered these messages to me. She was percise and accurate on absolutely everything. She knew of the tattoo I have in memory of my grandfather and she knew of the necklace I wear in memory of him, which I wasn’t wearing that day. My grandfather actually told her the name of my boyfriend. She said, “Who’s Jeff?” There’s no way she could have known these facts about my life. She has brought peace to me. I feel a weight lifted from my shoulders. This was one of the best experiences of my life. And it was absolutely priceless. Thank-you Carmel for connecting me with my loved ones on the other side. I’ll never forget our time together or how it’s changed my life.