During my phone reading, my father, mother, niece and a relative of my husband’s connected with Carmel to deliver messages to me. When I went back and studied the audio file, there were 42 distinct & separate messages delivered in a span of 24 minutes. Messages of validation, acknowledgement, gratitude and love were relayed by Carmel for me and my 4 siblings. The messages were very specific and targeted so there was no question that they were real. Their personalities shone through and my niece relayed a joke that we had shared while she was alive on earth. It was an uplifting experience as my loved ones sent gratitude & answered questions that were on my mind and the minds of my siblings. I didn’t have to ask the questions, Carmel just immediately started relaying messages & answers. The content was rich & inspiring & non-stop for 24 min. Then I had the chance to ask questions, to which I also received valuable advice. I am so grateful for this wonderful experience.

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