Up Close & Personal!

COST: Regular – $749.00 (Retail Value of $929!) SALE PRICE: $499!

Start Date: January 31,2017

End Date: May 2017

WHY: Because sometimes you just need a closer connection, and your own personal medium!




Here's what you will get!

  • January 31, 2017 you'll attend a private webinar Q&A (meet and greet) exclusive to only those in the program.
  • Beginning January 31, 2017 you begin a NEW private, never before taught 5 week online course! All through the month of February you'll be learning! Step-by-step, only released to you week by week to use as building blocks in your spiritual development.
  • March 13, 2017 your personal readings begin! 7 weeks of personal audio readings just for you! Carmel will become your personal medium. She will give you a reading connecting you to your loved ones. Then the following week you will send in all your feedback via email and Carmel will send you another reading, giving you one-on-one guidance in your life or from your loved ones on the other side. If you want to connect with your guides and angels, or your loved ones in Spirit, this is the perfect connection to the other side!
  • May 1, 2017 - Private VIP Meet and Greet at River Lane Ranch! Come to enjoy some beverages, snacks and great company!

Private VIP Evening at River Lane Ranch

Exclusive only to those in this program!

Carmel Reading

Attend a special intimate evening in person, or via webinar, as a grand finale in May of 2017! Listen as Carmel shares her personal life lessons, the ups and downs of connecting with Spirits, and takes questions from those in attendance, and some readings too! Only 54 people will be accepted into this program. This is a chance to have a great, personal connection with Carmel, and your loved ones!

Two Live Webinars 

Two very special live webinars for only those registered for Up Close And Personal With Carmel. In this intimate group, you have exclusive access to Carmel which means a better chance at your name being pulled during the webinars where she gives live readings and a great chance to ask questions and receive guidance from her directly.

Building Team Spirit

A 5-Week Series Course To Access Your Spiritual Team

Series One – Foundation

Learn who your spiritual team is on the other side. You may be surprised to know exactly who’s guiding you! 

Series Two – Access
Learn how to access your spiritual team whenever you need them at a moments notice. No longer doubt the signs, but learn how to trust and use them to your day to day benefit. 

Series Three – EGO out
Learn what your ego is, and how to quiet it so that you can build a better connection with team Spirit. Divine guidance doesn’t have to be so hard. 

Series Four – Turn Up the Volume
Spirit shouldn’t be that quiet hum in the hack of your life. You can build relationships with your loved ones, guides, and angels that take a loud, predominant presence so that you never feel alone again.

Series Five – Reset Your Heart
So often we struggle with grief, and forget that our loved ones are never as far away as we think. Learning how to build a new relationship with them on the other side, is the key to our hearts content.

Seven Weeks Of Readings!

From Your Personal Medium

Carmel will become your personal medium, giving you a reading each week, connecting you with your loved ones, and giving you one on one guidance in your life.

if you want to connect with your loved ones in Spirit or with you Guides this is the perfect connection to the on the other side

You’ll receive an audio reading in your email inbox every week – in between, email Carmel all your feedback and ask her specific questions you’re needing the answers to or for the areas of guidance you’re looking for!

Personal Medium!

A connection that runs deeper than a personal meeting!

Download and Go!

Download your readings, and keep them always at your fingertips!

Exclusive Course!

All 5 Course Lessons are NEW for this program. You will have lifetime access!
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