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Did you ever in a million years think you could be TOO grounded? We hear all the time that being grounded is crucial. Being grounded means you’re present, real and connected. Yes, all of that’s true, but it’s also possible to be so out of balance and alignment that you’re TOO grounded.

You forget to have fun. You forget to play. You forget what really truly matters because you are so busy being an “adult” and being real that you have sunk into a lifestyle that is so grounded you’re not willing to see outside of the box.

I’m speaking from experience. I spent my whole life trying to make sure that people saw me as a real, authentic and non-crazy person that I grounded my energy so much that life just wasn’t fun anymore.

Being grounded also meant that I put a lot of expectations on myself and never let myself truly enjoy or experience certain things.

Let me ask you, do you have
any of these things going
on in your life?

  •      You have no idea what you’re passionate about or what makes you laugh anymore
  •      All you think about is bills, bills and more bills.
  •      Putting on makeup feels like a HUGE chore but you HAVE to do it.
  •      You find yourself judging others by what they wear, say or do
  •      You find yourself looking in on other people’s lives and wish you had the courage or strength to do the things they are doing
  •      You have stopped daydreaming

  •      You rarely let your Spirit play and have fun.
  •      You are always in work, parent or adult mode.
  •      You don’t remember the last time you played and let your imagination run wild
  •      You take things literally at times and don’t think outside the box
  •      You worry that people may be judging you and not seeing you as Normal or authentic
  •      You’re an intuitive person who struggles to let go or tap into your ability
  •      You’ve been a Medium for a while now and you’re always trying to prove yourself to others and establish very grounded beliefs for fear of being judged.

If any of these things resonate with you then you may be TOO grounded and it’s time to come play and find laughter, love and light again! What do you have to lose? In fact, letting some of the weight go from that grounding cord may just allow you to have some fun again!

Lessons Included :

  • Lesson 1
    You can sit with us!
  • Lesson 2
    No makeup – No Problem
  • Lesson 3
    What does your soul want?
  • Lesson 4
    Loosening the grounding cord
  • Lesson 5
    Back to the sandbox
  • Lesson 6
    Life is short and the cord is shorter
  • Lesson 7
    Staying Ungrounded

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