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It wasn’t that long ago that I went on what I now call my “healing journey”. This journey took me through many ups and downs of discovering who I really was and lead me on a path of love, peace, forgiveness, and balance.

Four things that I now understand, if you can achieve will change your life forever. I’ve had anxiety for as long as I can remember. In my late teens and twenties, I suffered from extreme panic and anxiety. At one point it got so bad I didn’t even want to leave my home. I stopped driving and stopped enjoying my life altogether. I was riddled with the fear of the next anxiety attack or stress meltdown, and I began shutting down. I tried medication, counselling, and avoiding people and places that I considered to be triggers for me.

It took me many years to realize that my anxiety was because I was connecting with Spirits on the other side. On my journey to understand I came to realize that we all have a sixth sense. We were all meant to communicate with the other side. This amazing guidance is available to us at all times if we want to access it and use the knowledge we have to guide us through in this lifetime.

I have come to realize there are four keys to mastering our sixth sense along with enjoying a stress-free lifestyle. Four things we can do to bring peace of mind, stability, centeredness, approval, love, joy, blessings, and above all to find our inner peace.

I created this 1-month plan that will guide you through weekly one-on-one guidance as you go through the process of discovering who you really are. It took me years me to get there but I’ve combined the journey into a 4-week lesson plan and simplified the steps so you can move through easily and readily to finding your truth today. I wish you well on your journey to finding your truth today.

All my love,

Carmel xo

What if you could easily manifest money?

What if opportunities could flow to you frequently?

What if your love life was like a dream come true?

What if you were always feeling like your best self?

What if I told you that you already have the keys to creating all of this?

You just have to know how to use them to unlock your life! Unlock your life forever with The Truth Series 2!


In The Truth: 4 Keys of Life, I gave you the 4 keys to life: Love, Peace, Forgiveness, and Balance.

You have the knowledge, but now I want to give you the tools and the steps!

The Truth: Unlocking Your Life is about the four major locks!

Learn how to use these keys to open these locks. When they unlatch they will be a game changer in your life!

Learn how you can use love, peace, forgiveness, and balance to release each of these blocks

There are four major ways that people become blocked in their life:

  • In their relationships
  • Health,
  • Finances
  • Life path

The Truth Series 2 will show you how you yourself can release what’s holding you back from freedom, abundance, and happiness.


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