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The Truth 10 Year Anniversary

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The Truth
4 Keys of Life

10th year anniversary

The first online course that Carmel ever released  is called The Truth - The 4 Keys to life.
That was back in 2013, and many, many things have changed for her in the last 10 years.

carmel crystal hands

Yes, there are still only 4 keys.

That is … 4 things you need to know to become a life master in this lifetime, but how do they apply now in 2022 and what's changed?

Carmel has taken the message she's been receiving from her Master Guide over and over the last few years quite seriously…

She is going back, in order to go forward.

Watch and listen as Carmel who has evolved, awakened and expanded her knowledge as a Mom, a woman, and a Medium.

She is now going back to revisit this truly inspiring and life changing course with a brand-new video series that remodels and gives a fresh new take and look to her first ever course The Truth.

All 4 Levels!

These four courses will be life changing for you!

Lesson 1


Lesson 3


Lesson 3


Lesson 4


Just 4 simple keys…
If you know these, you can master anything!

Course begins May 11th!
Receive one lesson each week for 4 weeks!

Receive access to all 4 lessons from
Carmel's original The Truth Online course.







View both lessons together.
Learn, grow and advance in your journey along with Carmel!

The Truth 10 Year Anniversary