We all want to be our best selves and live our best life!

Are you fully present and experiencing what is happening in your life and living in the moment; or are you driven by those negative thoughts replaying past issues in your mind creating fears that keep you from fully enjoying your life?

 Do you feel like the chatter in your head takes over and believe those thoughts?

Is it time to shift?


Are you are ready to create the best version of who you can be, to become aware of how unaware you have been and understand the negative emotional states that have been holding you back? 

 If you are excited to have the best year of your life and take one of the biggest leaps of faith and shifts …this is the program for you.  


The Shift 2020 –  will teach you to open the doorway to new dimensions of yourself that have always been there, but have never been explored.

The Shift will…

  • Recognize and Stop the Chatter in your head that runs your life
  • Master Your Mind
  • Be in the flow for the entire year
  • Direct your thoughts and attention towards your goals
  • Recognize and Break unwanted emotional reactions and patterns
  • Consciously Create Your Life
  • Understand who you really are as a spiritual being expressing on the planet
  • Learn the secrets of How to Create Happiness within
  • Lower your Stress Level and Reduce Anxiety
  • Change your relationship to everything that is
  • Access your subconscious mind to change your brain wave patterns
  • Learn ways to rewire your thoughts
  • Discover how meditation & prayer can help you open your heart, heal, find joy and sense a greater connectedness to everything
  • Decrease perception of emotional, physical and spiritual pain and finally heal.

This course is for you if…

  • You feel stuck in habits, emotions and patterns from the past
  • Feel personally attacked online or in-person from others
  • Are in emotional or physical pain
  • Have had many years of feeling a lack of abundance, struggled in painful relationships and hardships
  • Desire to Live in the Present Moment
  • Find yourself confused and unable to make decisions
  • Are often in unfulfilling relationships
  • Have trouble following through or pursuing what you want
  • Know there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing
  • Wish to develop greater self-esteem and love yourself
  • Ready to love yourself and others
  • Find peace and tranquillity daily


7 Weeks, 7 Audios!

That’s a lot of intention just in those numbers alone!

Cost: $149.00

Take the 2020 Shift and make it the best year yet!


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