What is Psychic Sickness?

You start off on your journey working with energies as a Medium or Psychic, healer, Reiki master, intuitive, massage therapist etc … and everything is going amazing! The validation from your clients and messages from Spirit are incredible and you feel empowered, enlighten and that you are finally living the truth of who you are!

Then…slowly and without warning, some things begin to happen to you…

  • Friends leave your life
  • People around you get jealous
  • You feel under the weather more than usual
  • You’re irritable or cranky more often
  • You aren’t sleeping well
  • You have strange physical symptoms doctors don’t have answers too
  • The inflammation has gone up in your body
  • You begin getting migraines or headaches regularly
  • You feel resentful and frustrated more often
  • You feel like you don’t have enough time in your life
  • You struggle with your family or friends supporting you
  • You find it hard to take crowds or public places
  • You don’t enjoy travelling anymore
  • You don’t laugh as much as you used too
  • You find you cry over small things or all the time
  • Your diet is filled with carbs and you’re gaining weight or you begin losing weight 


Maybe this isn’t you yet …but the psychic Sickness is a real thing and it happens to those who don’t know what it is, or how to avoid it.


This program will teach you …

How to not get it, avoid it and rise up through it if it happens.

Every Medium and Psychic’s perfect guide to avoiding failure and sickness.

That’s not all …

Watch and listen as Carmel shares the most intimate private details of her 10 plus years as a Medium and helps others to avoid the same life challenges, burn out and the difficulties she struggled with and overcame.

All of these 20 lessons come to you live in a private Facebook group that you can watch weekly.

You’ll also have the guidance and support from others in this program!

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